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  1. Thankyou, ThatCrazyPillow. I understand, even in English Thanks Heyhococo, I will take a look!
  2. Hello, It might be just a stupid question, but I'm just gonna ask it. I have been banned for more than one year ago (14th of august), and I've recently read the rules that after 3 bans you'll get a month and then 3 months etc. Does a ban of over one year old still count? Because the dot in front of it is yellow, and I've seen by other users with more bans that they've some green dots too. So if I now get for example 2 more bans, will they then count as 3 in total, as therefore the fouth will last a month? I even have an another stupid question. Just in case I want to report someone, does it matter when it happened? Does it matter if it, for example, happened half a year ago? Thanks in advance! Greetings, Wout
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