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  1. Oh, I did not know that, thanks for letting me know! Then I guess I'll make one feedback for both of the blocking reports, and leave the rest. I generally indeed only report when I'm affected and if so only when they don't apologise (mistakes can always occur, but it you can't even give a simple sorry, then I lose all compassion...), but this was an exception because it was so easily visible and so clearly done on purpose. Oh, and now that you said it, let's check on the status of that player... ah. They're banned. Guess I'll accept that as a solution. Thank you for helping me! Have a good day! Yup, all's resolved!
  2. First question: cool, thanks. Then I guess I'll make a feedback ticket (to the game moderation management, right?), thank you. Second question: ah, interesting idea! Though I don't think it would have worked at this time (we were driving, and if I would have gone into freecam I would have crashed into someone else, or the offending player would have been much further already, but I will definitely keep that in mind should it fit for a future occasion, thanks. Yes, there were indeed some good answers! I have one new, last, question: should I create one feedback ticket for these three declined reports, one for each, or one per moderator (the two blocking reports were declined by the same moderator)?
  3. Thank you - unless the response here is negative, I will indeed do that - I just wanted to ask if I would have any ground in submitting a feedback ticket, so I wouldn't waste their time if not. I've (already) read those guides multiple times, but thanks anyways. I do record my gameplay nowadays, and also was recording in the two instances here. These pictures were snippets taken from the videos just for this thread, so I wouldn't have to share the videos and make the names public. If I am allowed to do that, I definitely can, but as I figured the videos wouldn't be necessary for the thread, it would be better to keep the names of the players private.
  4. Hi there, I figured that instead of immediately bothering game moderation management with a feedback ticket, it would be better to first ask my questions here. Three of my reports were denied today, and I disagree with the outcome - so I'll ask who is right here. 1: is blocking like this a bannable offence? The "speed" was about 4 km/h. This continued for over 30 seconds, and a long line was visible on the minimap (a video showing the blocking for 21 seconds (plays.tv likes to fail me when I need it the most; it cut the first part off...) was of course provided, but I won't show that here (unless asked for specifically) for privacy reasons). The response I got back was "Only a kickable offence.", while the reporting guidelines does list blocking as a bannable offence. Oh and the moderator handling these two reports decided to decrease the amount of reports I can give by one or two, thanks a lot. ... 2: Does the player name need to be able to be seen the second a collision happens? I drive in front of someone for 11 seconds, they speed up a bit more so their name doesn't show up anymore, and about three seconds after not being able to see their name, they crash into someone on purpose. There can be no doubt whether they were the same player as the one whose name we just looked at; same truck and same position, nothing got in between either. The report was denied with the comment "Insufficient Evidence cant see the player's name when he hit the player". Is this a fair reason for denying a report? Don't many reports not show the name when others are being hit - as you can't view names through your mirrors, sadly? Am I right or am I wrong (or both )? I'm curious what you think.