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  1. Okay that worked, apparently I had to get the individuals exact ID and not their screen name. Sorry it's getting late.
  2. Well I have the individuals name in the box, I just didn't need to blurt everything out here on the forums that would be against the rules. So I edited the image so the players screen name could not be seen.
  3. Okay SUPPORT, I'm trying to use the reporting system, I'm entering in the players screen name correctly. It's saying nothing is coming up and it's not allowing me to submit a ticket. UGH your report system is starting to aggravate me and I'm on the individuals truckersMP why can't you guys just accept reports in the in game ticket system? Help would be nice thanks in advance. I keep getting this error yes I blacked out the individuals name.
  4. Ha any road going through Nevada, I usually or the one just off HWY 101 going east north just by Redding. Takes you up basically a logging road.
  5. I usually do record games, how ever ATS is one I usually don't record because I don't open OBS it can cause some issues while trying to do too many things at once. That was the main reason that I didn't make this a suggestion post is because I had already figured someone had probably made a suggestion of it so I didn't want to really duplicate that. I was kind of surprised my words and the suggested words from the other player were exactly identical. Oh well what are the odds of that. That was not the suggestion I remember reading quite a while back either.
  6. The problem is that sometimes the mods can't always get there to that issue that quickly. Or the player that goes to report the problem player doesn't exactly have enough evidence for the admin team to do anything about the problem player.
  7. So I'm not really that new, just getting re acquainted with this game. I can only manage about 1 or 2 trips of long haul per day. How ever during the short time that I am actually online and on the server I am seeing some problems with people not knowing how to drive on a road properly. Yes I get that some countries in the world a vast majority of them drive on the Left hand side of the road. But in the states we know that's a no no unless there is a construction zone with a 2 lane highway with 1 lane being blocked. I think I read someones suggestion a long time ago I'm not for say really suggesting this but something needs to be done. It seems like some players just don't get that driving the wrong way can cause major problems for the wrong way driver and multiples of other players. Its agrivating watching it happen and having to hear the back lash from other players over the game intercom. Personally I've come to start thinking that wrong way drivers in the server are just TROLLS yes TROLLS. Players who are just looking to cause problems. How ever the one thing that could probably be done is that the Automated Server Admin the Admin bot on the server should some how need to be able to recognize a player that is driving the wrong way and be able to auto kick that player from the server with in 5 seconds. I'm not really suggesting this at this time but rather trying to open up a discussion about this. I know I'm not the only one here that thinks this is a very aggravating annoyance.
  8. It’s a game bug, you’ll have to just quick travel back to your garage start a new job, or if your truck is not too wrecked or found on road dead (FORD) simply drive it to a garage with your trailer in tow don’t use the tow truck if you don’t have to.
  9. Well with the way I have it set now, positively with a normal loaded trailer, I can do a max sustained speed of 100 MPH or 160KPH which is quite decent even when I do the heavy hauled loads I can do a max sustained speed of around 80 MPH or 128 KPH to 90 MPH or 144 KPH. So it's not as bad as doing 50 mph or 80 KPH which would take me a couple hours to do a pretty long run which can be quite irritating.
  10. I believe that did the trick for speed and heavy hauling thank you.
  11. I just did a test with the above recomended on the truck and well yes I was able to get up to a speed of roughly 95 mph with no trailer now it's time to do the test with a trailer. See what the speeds are.
  12. There is no 12+2 gear box on my screen the one I'm seeing se the 10 speeds 18 speeds 6 speeds of course their doubles with the retarders on them as well. I've also been trying to build my truck for speed as well. Doing 65 is a bit slow on a constant basis.
  13. Yes the cargo I'm wanting to haul is in the DLC heavy cargo pack and yes I do own that particular dlc.
  14. So I've been trying to optimize my truck for heavy hauling but everything I select seems to tell me that I'm not selecting the right engine or the right transmission with the differentials. There are things about this game that I love to hate when it comes time to working things out for the truck to make it a heavy hauler. It can be well daunting and frustrating. So the way I have the truck set up right now currently is this Series 389 Chassis 6x4 yes 2 powered axles Cabin: Low Roof Sleeper Steering: Left Hand Engine Power 430 hp (321kW0 Engine Torque 1550 lb-ft (2102/Nm) / 900 rmp Gearbox Eaton FM-15E310B-LAS R Fuel Tank 300 Gallons. So I'm not sure if there is something I am missing here. How ever its not saying my truck is built for heavy hauling yet my bars are up there. I pretty much have all the engines unlocked and all of the transmissions unlocked. So this has been some what boggling my mind. I'm going to have to do some long runs and grind some credits if I have to upgrade or downgrade again. But are there anymore engines and or transmissions that are unlocked at a higher level in game or am I just completely missing something at this point. When games start to annoy you it's annoying. Thanks ahead of time.
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