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  1. Okay that worked, apparently I had to get the individuals exact ID and not their screen name. Sorry it's getting late.
  2. Well I have the individuals name in the box, I just didn't need to blurt everything out here on the forums that would be against the rules. So I edited the image so the players screen name could not be seen.
  3. Okay SUPPORT, I'm trying to use the reporting system, I'm entering in the players screen name correctly. It's saying nothing is coming up and it's not allowing me to submit a ticket. UGH your report system is starting to aggravate me and I'm on the individuals truckersMP why can't you guys just accept reports in the in game ticket system? Help would be nice thanks in advance. I keep getting this error yes I blacked out the individuals name.
  4. It’s a game bug, you’ll have to just quick travel back to your garage start a new job, or if your truck is not too wrecked or found on road dead (FORD) simply drive it to a garage with your trailer in tow don’t use the tow truck if you don’t have to.
  5. Overall I think the problem eventually got corrected, I may have actually canceled out the job with out realizing it when I had to call for the tow.
  6. Okay I actually had to close out I closed out the game normally by exiting in the escape menu, so I could only assume that dong that, automatically canceled out the current job. Unless how ever the job canceled out as soon as I called the tow truck. I'm still a bit confused by that.
  7. Okay so I loaded back into the game. People have to knock on my door at the wrong time all the time, it's always in the middle of a game. I can't help that. How ever I loaded into the server but its now saying I currently have no jobs that are on going? I'm not sure could this be a bug with the server? Normally if I had a job and I had to call a tow truck it would take the truck and trailer and teleport them to the shop. How ever it didn't do that this time. But yea this is strange. As I said there are no jobs listed that I'm currently on. So now I'm kind of at the point where I'm clueless lol. So I may as well ask the next question. If I wanted to drive say 95 MPH or haul an extremely heavy load at 70 to 80 MPH what would be the best transmission and best engine to have?
  8. Okay so I had someone at the door which caused me to have to leave the pc my truck unfortunately wrecked, fortunately no one else was around me. How ever when I had come back to the game I had to do the call for help via in game tow truck to repair my truck. I know it's going to cost me but the job is still going on. Is there any way to abandon that job? I know you can abandon jobs with get hired and the other one. But I can't quite seem to remember how to do it on external contracts. If yall could offer any assistance on that it would be very helpful thanks. I know it will cost me big time for that, but that's okay.
  9. Okay thanks but your picture is not visible to me. Perhaps use imagur so I can see a link to the photo thank you.
  10. I don't think it's necessary to go through all the way to the in game support on an individual. But is there some how I can simply mute one single player by using the screen name? Every time I seem to be near this individual they seem to automatically key up their microphone and spam either music or nonsense white noise. I've been having this happen for the last couple of days that I've been playing on the server. I don't think a ban is necessary on this just a mute would be nice.
  11. It seems to be okay for now. Its a good idea to always make room for improvements how ever. I'd like to suggest this add in feature. With the in game PM the only way you would be able to receive a PM is if your vehicle is at a complete stop and parked. With the new laws coming out in the US about texting and driving I do think the same thing should apply inside the game. IE Dont text and drive. In game or in real life.
  12. No Collision Zone for Stopped Trucks On The Highway Trucks that break down on the Highway are in a regular playing field. This suggestion would make it so if a truck breaks down on a highway the server would automatically force that truck into a No Collision Zone. (I have no sample images) This option should be added to add to the safety of players on the server. I know it's not that realistic, but it would alleviate a lot of issues. First it would prevent severe accidents (which if I'm not mistaken violate game rules) on the server. It would also prevent any arguments between players that are involved in the crash. It would also prevent un necessary traffic jams if someone breaks down on the highway. This would be a win win for everybody including game mods.
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