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  1. You can copy and paste the relevant parts of the save files to transfer a truck or trailer, the only catch is that the existing profile save might already have used some of the ID strings that the new save used for your new truck. Personally I find it less time consuming to build the same truck as close as possible in the "main" account and then paste the necessary alterations in the save file. Most of the work is already done and you're just altering already established ID strings.
  2. Traps I typically fall in: - forget to correct the total number of addons after editing (-1 because it starts at 0) - forget to correctly number any new lines (after copypastaing, because I'm lazy) - I often find that the game will not correctly load if the 'address' of newly added addons is not near what the existing addons are for the specific truck (even if they're not duplicates used elsewhere) - forget to alter the address both in the vehicle component list as well as the actual addon entry - if it's still not loading correctly, make sure there isn't a ';' missing somewhere... Lessons I've learned: - backup the save file before you mess with it!! - make one or two changes at a time, save the file, then load it in the game to make sure you didn't do something wrong. It can be extremely frustrating if you've changed 25 parameters and added 25 new parts in one go and suddenly the save won't load and you now have to debug 200+ lines in a sluggish text document. I've nearly shed big manly tears... - I'm keeping a second document where I list all the changes and additions I've done to my truck. That makes it much easier to edit it back in if I for some reason used the ingame garage to make any modifications (which often kills savegame edits).
  3. Yup, that's what I've been doing so far. Makes them practically invisible most of the time, so if there's no other way I'll just settle with that.
  4. Is it possible to remove wheels/tires? Case: I'm converting the 1.31 8x4 to a 6x2LWB. Using the 4x2 side skirts and 6x4 rear wheel covers I'm tolerably happy with the result, but it'd be neater without my 'spare wheels' hanging inside the skirts. I tried to simply delete the wheels from the save, but it doesn't appear to care (reverts to defaults?) The rules say you must have wheels on your truck, so I'm assuming there's a way to.. not have wheels on your truck. Equally important, would removing the 2nd axle wheels be within the TMP rules as it's still driveable and functions normally?
  5. Thank you, I was afraid it was set up that way. Oh well, 6x4 it is!
  6. Hey @LordBenji! You seem to be on top of everything saveediting and I have a question I'm guessing you can answer a lot faster than most others (and definitely faster than I can figure it out by messing with my files). Can I make my DAF 6x2 Taglift into a 6x4 Taglift where the rear axle also provides traction when down? Or even a 6X6? I know it's possible with mods (a T144 I have does this), but I'd love to have the ability in TMP too. In its normal 6x4 configuration (with the 730Euro6 and the ULC iShift) I pretty much only use it to haul the heaviest stuff out of and into the strangest places, but I'd love to have the taglift option for those tight spaces and when freeroaming. Sadly the current non-powered taglift is useless for my needs, tag down I can't get any traction on the single powered axle, and tag up I can't steer plus the truck keeps getting stuck.
  7. I finally had time to try again today, and after the 1.28 patch I am no longer having this issue.
  8. Thanks for your response! I tried all of the above, following each step, but nothing changed. I then removed all the DLC, then added the four I really want (scaninavia, east, France and heavy cargo), but only the two first show up as installed in the DLC browser in TMP. I just tried to reinstall both ETS2 and TMP, will see if that helps.. Edit: Update: Reinstalling ETS2 and TMP did not work. I almost thought it worked as the DLC showed up when I started TMP, but it turned out it was simply loading single player for some reason. After I restarted my PC TMP worked (loaded multiplayer with login screen) but France, Wheel Tuning and Heavy Cargo refuses to be added to the DLC list.
  9. I just got the TruckersMP mod last night, and everything has been going quite well - except for these three DLC that refuse to install; Vive la France ! Wheel Tuning Pack Heavy Cargo Pack They show up in single player. What I've tried: Unchecking the problematic DLC in Steam and verifying files, then manually downloading them again Pressing F1 in TMP launcher and redownloading Deleting TMP folder in My Documents Reinstalling TMP mod Several other DLC are working normally, like Scandinavia, East, Griffin and a bunch of paint packs.
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