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  1. Hello. I have an issue. The new profile does not show up after copying the data and then changing the profile name in the SII file. Am i doing something wrong?
  2. Suggestion Name: Protection against horn spammers Suggestion Description: If a player is honking for too long they will get a warning, and if continuing to honk, they will get kicked. The time taken for a player to get a warning about honking would probably be around ~5 seconds of continuous honking. And if honking for 10-15 seconds the player will automatically get kicked. Then there is a cooldown, so players cant honk for 9 seconds, then stop for a second and then honk again for 9 seconds. Any example images: Nope! Why should it be added?: The Horn Spamming Protection System (or HSPS if you will) is useful for preventing people from spamming their horn, annoying people insanely.
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