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  1. Thank you , you deserve support :D

    Very helpful man ! <3 

    1. Lukavsky


      Thank you too :D 

  2. Unsupported game version! Help me!

    Uhm no , i see my auto saves but i cant choose any of them because 'please update the game' writing all over my saves. I played 1.28 beta and my saves exists1.28 content so i cant open them in 1.27 update. I know its not about truckersmp but i need yours help as someone who knows
  3. Unsupported game version! Help me!

    yes , i tried it but when i set like this , the game opens and cant load the saves
  4. Unsupported game version! Help me!

    Thanks for reply but i tried this way and it didnt worked. It still exist same problem. I removed the 1.28 beta and this time the game says unsupported game version again...
  5. Unsupported game version! Help me!

    I tried the 1.28 open beta and wanted to enter the truckersmp then it warn me 'this version is 1.28 bla bla. So i set NONE-opt out of all beta programs and i tried to connect again and the game still says unsupported game version and i cant play ets2 online and offline . Is my save broken or something? How can i play again pls help me