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  1. SgtKamarov

    Problem with connection, other drivers freezing

    I just did a delivery from Nice to Calais. I had no problems all the way except when i reached Calais. Suddenly when there were 30-40 people around me, other drivers froze again and when i restarted the game, it didn't help anything. Also I created a ticket before opening this thread but the responses weren't very helpful. So I guess I'm gonna be playing on locations that are basically empty now :/
  2. SgtKamarov

    Problem with connection, other drivers freezing

    This is my result I also did the other things you mentioned.
  3. Hi, I have a connection issue which shows itself as other drivers freezing on the road on my screen and seeing distances over a 1000 meters on the tab bar after some play time. My problem mainly occurs in densely populated areas of the map (such as Duisburg or Rotterdam) but it can happen simultaneously from time to time by itself. Restarting the game usually solves the issue of other drivers freezing but my computer won't load any other trucks at all in places like Duisburg if i were to restart the game. I have a slow internet speed(8 mbps) but I haven't had any issues with any other online game whatsoever in terms of connection. What can i do to get rid of this issue?