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  1. Thank you, that helped to sell all my trucks and kick my co-workers
  2. No, I have waited like 1-2 min max. The whole screen freezes, so I cant even do ctrl+alt+del to exit game even. I need to manual restart my game freeze like this. Its first time happends today, kinda right after I bought the Krone trailer DLC
  3. It also happend when I try to sleep ingame and F7 + enter (call for mechanic)
  4. Hello, Do someboody on this forum how to slove this problem, so my game will run? When I play and wanna travle from my garage to another garage the game completly freeze, the same happends when I try to take a ferry. I have reinstalled my game, and verified the game through steam. And I have delited all of mods Please help me to slove my issu with this game, and sorry for bad english
  5. Heya, sorry for not answering. I figured out my problem. I needed too do a windows updade.
  6. Hello, can somebody help me get my game to work?
  7. Oh no then i dont wanna play more.. All this hours for nothing so sad.. I am done with this game now. Or does it work to put your pc back in time, like 1 week or something.. and i will have all my files there? Then i can save them on usb memory pen?
  8. Hello, for a few days ago, I put my computer back too factory settings / wiped all my stuff on my pc. And now I was downloading ETS2 agian + truckersmp luncher. And I started up my game throgh & without truckersmp luncher. And now I dont have my account? Do I need creat new character, or is it a sulation to fix it? I was sure that if I delited my game, i would still be avaible to get it back when i download later
  9. Hello, Is 252 workers/emoloyers maximum? I cant see more people to hire. And i have still many unbuyed wearhouses to buy
  10. Hmm, i think I did @Yoyo_ManSg. It says they are working some of them. But I go to hotel and sleep, or go teleport to another garage. No money earned. Its some bugg for me now, I dont know how too fix All of the new employers have a truck, i gave them truck and a garage space. But it say still that they are resting... And the old employers I have says that they are on mission. But i go sleep and teleport from garage to garage. And nothing happends. They dont earn money. And on all garages I have it have 0 % profits..
  11. Now, they say they need truck too start working. But they already have.. Wtf
  12. Hello, I have palyed for little bit now, and they started too work good. And now, I earned alot, and upgraded some cars and grages. But its seems like they dont work so much more?? And my garage says its 0 % profit. And some drivers have "parked / rest" ? How to fix
  13. Hello, where can I see a static over my employers? I wanna see how much they earn each tour they drive. Nvm, I found it out
  14. Btw, what level too get this thing, too attach orange lights on the roof?
  15. Thanks for answers guys Yeah, I want the orange lights on my grill.. or how too say in english, on my front you know
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