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  1. Kopite

    Game crashing

    Up to now everything seems ok, I thought I would try the easy option first which was start a new profile, I have done this and the game seems stable again. I have screenshot all the other suggestions people have put in case I or anyone has the same problem. Thank you everyone for your help
  2. Kopite

    Game crashing

    The profile was made after 1.32 was launched as I thought any profile from 1.31 may have problems, so the profile only has 1.32 data on it, also as its an mp profile it has no mods on
  3. Kopite

    Game crashing

    My game keeps crashing-not responding on task manager, I have a brand new profile that was made for MP only when the 1.32 update came out and TMP was updated, everything was fine but now I get my game crashing-not responding when looking for jobs or saving the game. Can any anti virus software cause this as it was fine but the last week I have been having the problems.
  4. Hi, Yes my problem is solved, I went to a rest stop and rested, when I had rested I went to the freight market and all the jobs popped up. Thanks for the help
  5. I will log in and let you know Thank you
  6. When I log in to Truckersmp I look for a job on the freight market only to find the oversize loads, I can't do these as I get kicked offline for doing them, I have done an external job then looked again at the freight market only to find the same, I have even traveled to different countries to see if that solves the problem but it doesn't, can you help?
  7. Kopite


    A friend has bought ETS2 on disk, can he still play MP as when he puts in the game directory is says its wrong. I have gone through the forum and messaged him what I have found but still no joy. Thanks
  8. Kopite

    ETS 2 MP

    My friend has just got his PC, He has installed ETS2 and logged in to the singleplayer ok. He has installed ETS2MP but when it comes to log in it keeps saying invalid email or password, he has changed his password on both steam and truckersmp so it is the same and both steam and truckersmp have the same email. Could anyone help as I never had any problems when I installed mine. Thanks
  9. Kopite


    I have got ETS2 and linked it with Truckersmp so I can play multiplayer, however I have just got ATS and can't see how I can link that to truckersmp so I can play online, does anyone know how I can do this? Thanks
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