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  1. Event is done in both games. it has ben a fun and a joyful ride. :D

  2. Me and my friend bought the new VNL 300 in ATS but I cant see his side-skirt-protection and roof lights. He cant see mine either. Game: American Truck Simulator. Mod Version: Controllers Used: PS4 controller. Description of Issue: Missing parts. How to reproduce: Buy the same truck as somebody else with roof-lights on a roof-bar (VNL 300) and "basic chromed side-skirt-protection". Screenshots / Videos:
  3. it has been a good day in TruckersMP. I connected my ps4 controller to ETS2 and ATS and i love it! great fun!

  4. Thank you for helping me! it was really nice! I appreciate it!
  5. I know that doubles are allowed to take outside Scandinavia according to the rule §5.2 - Server Auto Kicks and a post on the forum from earlier but not in this part of Europe. I would like to know if HCT:s are allowed to take outside Finland in to the rest of Europe except the part where you are not allowed to.
  6. I would like to have this guide removed! Im the one who put this guide on this forum.
  7. Thank you for this list!
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