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  1. what u mean with no active ban. U mean only for players that never got banned? I dont even get that idea.
  2. what i dislike is that the number of maximum players are only so high on EU2. I would love playing on other servers if I know it could fill up with same amount of players. That might be just psychologic but that might also be same for other players and thats the reason why EU2 is the most popular server? but that might be just me. But I did not want to talk about C-D road and I get that I wont be alive after going through that road. That never bugged me at all. What buggs me is the response time of the web reports is quite slow and that proabably causes also the server beeing in bad shape. My theory is (that might be wrong here and the admins might know better) but the regular truckers are the ones that I come along with but the trolls are those that come and go and dont go for very long and those bans doenst bother them much due to the fact that they are may be even already unbanned when they decide to play again. The response time weakens the punishment in my opinion. I know that admins have limited time and all but thats what I think is the reason why so many trolls are running around just fine cause it takes days for them to be banned. Cheers
  3. quick save is no solution for world of truck jobs. But ty for all the suggestions. But there were times I was super happy with the situation on EU2 but at the moment its just almost unplayable.
  4. Hi, Im playing only on EU2 because of the number of players. I avoid C-D road and I follow speed limits and traffic lights. But whenever I drive in germany I get annoyed. It is not the amount of traffic, its also not the speeding what bucks me. It is the reckless driving, the ramming on purpose and the senseless drivers that want to go as fast they can even when they cant pass me cause of one lane narrowing. I wrote 7 reports in a gap of 3 days without attending one time C-D road and there would be more when I could have found out the players id. I needed to deliver a job to lille and its a nightmare. I restarted 3 times from that town because i got ran into someone. I hate to say it but the game I loved to play became so bad that I feel like stopping. its crazy.
  5. Last time I checked it’s the thread I opened. And if he has problems different than mine he should have opened new thread. So please stop posting. And if he has same problem as me those tips won’t work. So unless u have fixed the same issue as us stop using this thread to prove a point or farm posts.
  6. Those tips are nit helpful and already posted. It feels like an endless loop just because there’s a paging in the thread. Please post only new ideas
  7. Can u stop those comments? Pls read the whole thread. It’s not network related. Thank you.
  8. What are those comments. If u don’t have to add something useful to THIS thread u don’t post. I can not believe the last comments of those thread compaining about support requests and that supporter actually silently approving this by replying on this thread instead of direct messaging him and comment that he is not in the right spot for complaining. Pls stop posting if u don’t add something with substance.
  9. What I want is feedback by a dev. The fix would be crazy if the devs can’t reproduce the issue. But communication is the key to resolve any issue. what I learned in many years in IT companies is that even a reply with I can’t help u is better than no reply at all. I wish that would happen here.
  10. This is not the right thread to ask about such thing I’m pretty sure. Pls open new thread to this.
  11. I might found a solution for me. Its not perfect but it works way better and the game definitely became playable for me again (I think).. I gonna drive a tour and let u guys know. What I did was downloading Snappy Driver Installer to check for outdated updates. I installed the drivers necessary for my PC (Audio, some intel stuff and also something for my mainboard). And the freezes still happen but they are so tiny that I dont have to fear a crash or something on the streets. I will keep u guys posted and hopefully this will make ur problems better as well. I gonna record another video after. Cheers Konstantin
  12. finally back in the right section. I thank whoever that was. Lets now see what the devs can tell u to that. Btw. Hit me up on twitter @thebigk02 Im more than happy to allow access to my computer with teamviewer if u wanna check something urself or if u wanna hit me up on teamspeak or discord or whatever u want. Pls contact me if u need any help reproducing this. Cheers
  13. im glad that someone speaks up with the same issue. I would like to see a response of a dev tbh. It could be also a game bug in combination with truckersmp for some reason. But due to the fact that single player works fine I kinda doubt that. So glad someone has same issues. Cheers Konstantin
  14. I did reinstall and create new profile as well. Nothing helped there. Renamed folder and everything. I wont try a different partition cause I dont have one. But a samsung 850 Pro SSD should do just fine cause it does do fine in any other game. And to ATS, that was a complete fresh install and I tried playing since the last patch and it worked fine till I needed to update ats due to the recent truckersmp update. And single player works fine in ats and ets. The freezes happen only when started with truckersmp Launcher. The only thing I did not do is using a reg cleaner. But I doubt that would change anything. Cheers Konstantin
  15. I disagree with u that u have same issue cause ur fps issues are different to mine cause for me the game freezes completely. For me it happens with opengl and directx in both games now since the recent update in ats to the current version.
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