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  1. Massive Ingame Lags

    finally back in the right section. I thank whoever that was. Lets now see what the devs can tell u to that. Btw. Hit me up on twitter @thebigk02 Im more than happy to allow access to my computer with teamviewer if u wanna check something urself or if u wanna hit me up on teamspeak or discord or whatever u want. Pls contact me if u need any help reproducing this. Cheers
  2. Massive Ingame Lags

    im glad that someone speaks up with the same issue. I would like to see a response of a dev tbh. It could be also a game bug in combination with truckersmp for some reason. But due to the fact that single player works fine I kinda doubt that. So glad someone has same issues. Cheers Konstantin
  3. Massive Ingame Lags

    I did reinstall and create new profile as well. Nothing helped there. Renamed folder and everything. I wont try a different partition cause I dont have one. But a samsung 850 Pro SSD should do just fine cause it does do fine in any other game. And to ATS, that was a complete fresh install and I tried playing since the last patch and it worked fine till I needed to update ats due to the recent truckersmp update. And single player works fine in ats and ets. The freezes happen only when started with truckersmp Launcher. The only thing I did not do is using a reg cleaner. But I doubt that would change anything. Cheers Konstantin
  4. Massive Ingame Lags

    I disagree with u that u have same issue cause ur fps issues are different to mine cause for me the game freezes completely. For me it happens with opengl and directx in both games now since the recent update in ats to the current version.
  5. Massive Ingame Lags

    that doenst mean that theres no bug in the game or in the launcher. I dont state its occuring to everyone. But im not the only one with this problem either. So I dont know if its a combination of a change in the game or its just truckersmp which causes this issue. What would u think when u dont touch ur computer and u got this problem and u didnt change anything and u know american truck simulator runs at around 200 fps just fine with the old version and then u update truckersmp and the game and u have the same issue on American Truck Simulator as in Euro Truck Simulator. No Windows Update occured or anything else could affect this. So pls put this in right perspective. And sure I can give u feedback how its handled how I did here. But how can i reach out to the devs that they actually bring me feedback on this. That would bring things in perspective for me. I understand that this is not snap and done. But the feedback I got so far doesnt satisfy me to think, yeah thats a problem on ur end and theres no way that theres a bug here. So I beg u guys to escalate this. Cheers Konstantin
  6. Massive Ingame Lags

    This is so frustrating and it kinda makes me mad. Not because of the problem but because how its handled. I get that truckersmp is a not finished product and they state that. And I get that there are also bugs involved into such product. But reporting an obvious bug into the bug section and i get moved into help section where I get those suggestions is not helpful. Im IT Administrator for more than 10 years now and I know when theres an issue going on that has nothing todo with my pc but with the game then I know it. If im wrong I apologize but pls I want to get in touch with a developer checking this. I know u guys want to help but I feel like only an update of truckersmp can possibly fix this issue. Now back to that post. If u would read carefully my first post and watch the videos I posted in happens already in the menu. So this is not related to graphics or logging. It is related to the game freezing for whatever reason - it happens whenever I launch the game with the truckersmp launcher. Cheers Konstantin
  7. Massive Ingame Lags

    Okay. Whatever is changed on ats, same problem now in ats. The newer ats version or the last ats truckersmp update. I have now same lags in ats as in ets. Great job devs :(((( Now cant truck in both versions. Unplayable as shown in the videos. :((((
  8. Massive Ingame Lags

    that didnt change anything. same issue persistent. game freezing. Got also one direct message that he got same issue. Pls forward this to a dev or something. Are the devs aware of that? Cause its clearly caused by truckersmp cause singleplayer works just fine. ATS works fine as well btw.
  9. Massive Ingame Lags

    what i really cant believe is that I am the only one with that problem. @[TUG] Aragon said that he had also some other people reporting such problem to him. But I don't see any other threads or replys with "I got same issue". I was pissed and now I am just sad. Atleast I can play ats to serve my trucking addiction. I might try a fresh windows install or try at playonlinux... just to see if that works there... Cheers
  10. Massive Ingame Lags

    wtf? double post again. that direcx64bit thingy didnt help either.
  11. Massive Ingame Lags

    Reinstalling ets didnt work either while ats works fine offline and online. Im out of ideas. I did create new profile as well as discarded all settings. Im pissed
  12. Massive Ingame Lags

    Just for fun I installed ATS and checked if the lag is there as well. And it isnt, not online, not offline. Im confused. I will now reinstall ets in the hope that this does something. If that doesnt help either, Im out of ideas. god dammed.... I hate this problem
  13. Massive Ingame Lags

    Is there any chance to use an outdated version of truckersmp to see if that older version fixes my problems?
  14. Massive Ingame Lags

    how to do so? And I read in another thread that this is done anyways cause truckersmp is 64bit only. that doesnt look logical to me when u consider this does not happen in single player. Method 1 2 I did already and doesnt change anything. And I wont install third party utils that does something in my whole system when I have only one issue. same here. Why should this affect multiplayer but not single player. why should this be relevant when this happens already before I even login. I have 8mbit dsl. (Ping constant 40) Defrag disk: I have a SSD. And this has nothing to do with any player spawning, when this happens already when I didnt even login to anything. That does start to happen before I login to truckersmp.
  15. Massive Ingame Lags

    Hi, Mod Version: Used: Logitech G29Description of Issue: Hi, I have massive Ingame Lags which can be broken down to Truckersmp, cause its not happening in single player.How to reproduce: Load the game, move the curser and u find urself in occasional freezes every few seconds.Screenshots / Videos: https://youtu.be/u50OHxI7E8g / https://youtu.be/FTvLDt_vbo4 / https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrupgwbK3Bg First Video is single player demo to see it is not related to my PC. Second Video is same position in the map on multi player and third video is proof that this happens already before logging into truckersmp to sort out any issue related to network. What I tried to fix the issue myself: - Uninstall Geforce Experience - Disable DVR - Update Nvidia-Drivers - Reinstall truckersmp including new config set (deleted C:\Users\$USER\Documents\ETS2MP) - Logitech Gaming Software Updated - Remove G29 just to cut out some USB Controller related issues. - Playing around with process monitor to see what happens during the lags. But the game just freezes and the system just does rather nothing than doing anything but thats subjective guess. My setup: - Intel 4790S (Intel) - EVGA 1070 8GB - 16 GB RAM - Windows 10 64bit Ver. 1709 Build 16299.192 (all updates included) Other games I didn't see any issue like that. Now some guessing: Could this be related to the new Meltdown Patch for windows? But there were also quite some truckersmp Updates that could cause that? For me the game is rly unplayable and the only thing I didnt test yet is a Windows Reinstall which I would rather not do to be completely honest. I am open for anything to solve the issue. Cheers Konstantin