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  1. @DziadaNo, I don't use any duplicated slots or similar, just parts from other trucks, but thank you for your help
  2. @DziadaThanks as always for your quick response And what about when the last one is customized?
  3. Hai, I think thoses hybrid trucks are fine, but i need to be sure
  4. Hi, I've added a rear beacon (that comes from the flatbed trailer) to a dryvan trailer, is that acceptable?
  5. @Dziada Okay, that's too bad, but maybe the rules will evolve with the new update.
  6. @AntonjMG™ Thank you! That could be great if it's allowed
  7. Hi, Will this trailer be allowed when 1.33 version will be supported?
  8. @[T.G.E][04]AntonjMG[ESP] @Dziada Thanks for your quick responses
  9. Hi, I'm pretty sure that this truck follows the rules, but I prefer to ask to be really sure :
  10. Hai again, I made this trailer with a mod, I'm pretty sure that it doesn't break the rules but I prefer to ask to be really sure.
  11. Hi, @S p a r k i e, I tried the 385 65 R22.5 wheels, but they exceed the wheel arch, and this might not be be allowed. I think "single.sii" wheels are more suitable for this trailer.
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