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  1. Felt cute, might delete later
  2. I agree completely, the T6 VW van would be perfect, for one it'd have better tow ability, with it's around 170-180hp engine, and I think one of the Transporter variants has twin turbo, anywho back on point, this isn't a hoon-mobile but it could have use for pilot features, like it's AI brother in the Special Transport DLC (or whatever the name is of it) some traffic advisor style options of amber led bars on the rear, maybe and message board with certain text strings like "slow vehicle" or what not
  3. Just btw as of the next update, the new Scania will have Mighty Griffin mods available (apparently)
  4. Follow up; putting a custom skin on the scout car (the same as you would a trailer) causes a kick, but not the same one as placing a truck skin on, will there come a time where this is allowed/supported, say for example use of a custom pilot car skin, or a skin with someone's YouTube channel, etc
  5. You're wrong um also the reason it's not allowed is things like bullbars on scout cars, caravan wheels on trucks, 4 million airhorns on your car or truck, and other out there concepts. Onto my own creation though Just kidding, this here, my worry is the 2 bullbars, I was going for an Aussie "roo-bar" look, pretty sure it's fine, but I'd love to get corrected to save myself a ban
  6. Think there's swearing in this, I don't listen for it caus I listen to songs with heaps of it anyway so it passes by without my ears perking up, so for the sake of little kiddies, I'll put this in a spoiler
  7. I'm not new to the info you guys are giving on the "client side" aspect of things, however I do appreciate the info about client mods being disabled, I didn't know about that one @FernandoCR, and as for @AllstarDK I hope a dev sees this and can shed a little light on exactly what the go is, I can only hope
  8. Nah I want to mod it, put something in my mods folder, example, scout_mod, that replaces, for example, the scout_car.sii that they are streaming, if that makes sense, so when I purchase a Scout online, it won't be a Scout, it'd be a "insert modded car here"
  9. I'd like to know where the sii file(s) are for the scout car, are they streamed from MP servers, or are they downloaded and put somewhere, any info from anyone or even perhaps a dev might be helpful, thanks
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