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  1. Hello That part on the forum got removed. Don't worry, none of us can see it. Kind regards
  2. Hello The only thing I can think of is that you tried to use the police skin, blue lights or sirens. Only Game Moderators can use those. If you got kicked randomly and you were not driving a car, this is either some glitch or you did something only gmods are allowed to do. Kind regards
  3. Hello If you did something wrong or broke any rule in the server you were playing (lets say EU2) but on the website it says EU1 then the person who reported you or the admin forgot to either select eu2 or forgot it. It actually doesn't matter what server is on the ban.. a ban is a ban and all servers are the same.
  4. And now you check the requirements. If everything is ok you can apply. If you want to become Game Mod, you need min. 50 useful posts, no bans in the past year, good English and behavior,... for support the requirements Are different!!! Don't think you also need 50 posts.
  5. Hello Go to the truckersmp website》account》recruitment. The team is currently looking for new game mods and supporters. You need to be active on the forum btw. Read the requirements before applying. Kind regards
  6. Hello Try and verify your game files. This is a method to check if there are still correct and if they are not, steam will automaticly fix them. Go to steam》right click on ets2》properties》local files》verify game files This also checks the sound and music files. If this did not help, please make a support ticket for the correct information! Kind regards
  7. Prxnlge


    Hello If you were declined I would strongly recommend you to change your text. Always listen to the comments of the game manager. If he says "low/no activity on the forum, that means you do not have many posts. "Activity" is not just logging in and after 1 min logging out. Also, check the requirements before applying. If you apply for game moderator you need for example 50 useful posts. Kind regards & good luck with the application! Prxnlge
  8. Hello What do you mean with speed regulator? Make sure you've red everything inside the box. I also bought the same wheel and shifter 3 weeks ago. Somewhere in the box there is a document with a link do download a setup. Download it and make sure its on your pc. Go to ets2 and then go to options and then the picture with the wheel and pedals and cljck on use defaults. It will automaticly change everything for you. Kind regards
  9. Hello EU1-EU4 is mostly located in Europe. You can play it as American but your ping will be high and you might be kicked. As American, better join the United States server. Kind regards
  10. Hello If he reported you and some admin really bans you, you will need video proof if you have that. I would recommend you to NOT spawn or leave the server ON the road. Always go to the side. If you do, there is no problem and then you can wait untill ghost mode is over. Also, maybe you just spooked the player and he drove of the road, but in reality he was able to drive through you. And as said above do not worry about people saying "rec ban" or "rec report ban". Most of them are fake but some are real. Also, always record your gameplay so you can always proove that youre not guilty. Kind regards ~Prxnlge
  11. Hello Make sure truckersmp has permissions to download. Try turning off your anti virus and run the setup as administrator. Kind regards
  12. Hello If that is really your picture, don't worry. Staff will change the name to your name if you are the real owner. Kind regards
  13. Hello If it was not you, you can't do much. I would recommend you to tell the user to make a ban appeal or feedback.ticket with the correct evidence. Kind regards
  14. Hello Try and verify your game files. Go to steam》right click on ets2》properties》local files》verify local files. This is a method to check if your files are still.correct. if they are not then steam will auto fix it. Kind regards
  15. Hello Opening new servers isn't done in 2 days. Developers would have to open too many servers without that many players. As said above, donating is always possible and if you really think this is a great idea then post this in the suggestions. Kind regards
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