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  1. List of changes from 20th September 2021:

    • Replaced the alternating vehicles from the 10th round with new ones (chosen by the community).
    • Fixed a rare case when the delivery could not be finished because of the "You cannot do that. Firstly stop your truck." notification.
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  2. List of changes from 19th September 2021:

    • Added an ability to save up to 4 colors in the color picker.
    • Fixed rendering of the color picker on OpenGL which caused crashes previously.
    • Fixed modifying the color in the color picker through the text boxes.
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  3. List of changes from 14th September 2021:

    • Jobs cannot be taken in the Job Dispatcher with an owned trailer anymore. This is not possible, anyway, and was only causing crashes. Support for owned trailers will come soon.
    • Fixed loading the default air horn in American Truck Simulator.
    • Fixed horns and air horns being stuck in rare cases.
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  4. Hey there!

    We are proud to announce that a new version has been released!



    • Support American Truck Simulator [ 9487b0ac9ca7 ], [ ee0c2ca6ae31 ]
    • Support American Truck Simulator - Wyoming DLC


    • Fixed the synchronization of the text on driver license plates (bug report)
    • Fixed a crash when using invalid accessories on DAF XG 2021
    • Fixed spelling errors in the fatal error message


    • Disabled the spawn command
    • Removed the UK interior of Scout from American Truck Simulator (bug report)
    • Temporarily removed the caravan due to physics-related issues
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  5. List of changes from 18th August 2021:

    • When a player is selected, its icon on the world map has a different color. This color can be configured in the Settings.
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  6. List of changes from 9th August 2021:

    • Update the detection of double trailers for the automatic kick from the server.
    • Removed replacements of DLC files as they are not necessary anymore.
    • Disabled the connect_lobby command.
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  7. Second additional update has been released with the following changes:

    • Blocked the Convoy game mode via Steam invites as well (also fix bugs related to blocking the UI of the Convoy mode).
    • Fixed loading of the ProMods Middle East version.
    • Add the Kirkenes (ProMods) double trailer zone restriction.
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  8. First additional update has been released with the following changes:

    • Support ProMods Europe v2.56
    • Support ProMods Canada v1.02.
    • Support New Summer Graphics/Weather v4.5.
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  9. First hotfix has been released with the following changes:

    • Fixed a crash when being in a crowded area.

    We are hard working on other known issues and will release updates in the next hours and days.

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