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  1. Yes I am happy with that answer. I remember in the past, it took only one or two days for a report to be checked. I've been away from TruckersMP so this must have changed I guess... More players, more reports.
  2. Hello, I have reported three players and its been half a week yet none of the three reports were looked at. How long does it usually take for a report to get checked after its been sent?
  3. Why would they waste money? But even then just keep getting them banned on every account they make. They will soon either get board of it or go in dept.
  4. Well if you enforce the rule with a heavy ban, like 1 month bans or so people will stop trolling.
  5. And there's something called 'reporting' It's a thing where normal players following the rules can record/screenshot trolls driving on the wrong side.
  6. True, but more people should debate on this so we can get it over with. How about using dummy text like nametags on trucks just before you enter the city it warns you that its a oneway telling you witch way to go. That way there should be no need for a admin! I will sketch what I mean in a sec.
  7. I am going to quickly sketch a drawing on how this will work and I will reply to you ASAP
  8. Admins wont need to watch the place They can use dummy cars or have 1 admin that is monitoring, or check the way traffic is flowing.
  9. This only changed the traffic in the Duisburg city if you look at the image. It still lets players get to where they need to go to.
  10. No, keep the base game but let drivers who have traffic offences turned off drive on the wrong side of the road (the left side) that way it flows better with heavy traffic. I tested this in Cities skylines and it made a big difference
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