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  1. Hi all, We just released a new update to ets-2 sync. Changelog : Support for ATS 1.37+ Support ETS 1.37+ сс @estuar
  2. Hi, Please ensure that you set g_save_format property. If yes, please share your save file.
  3. The primary idea was to allow user selecting which dlc should be added to save, as ppl can have different set of dlcs. Lets say i have 2 dlc, and my friend has 4 dlc, and we want to have same cargoes.
  4. Hi all, Want to publish a small opensource utility, which allows to synchronize cargoes between truckers. Website Hosted version : https://ft-t.github.io/ Source code : https://github.com/ft-t/ets2-sync Important x Currently, its in alpha stage, so in some cases it can break your save game, so please backup it before upload. x In order to use that tool, your save game should be saved with g_save_format 2 Supported games : x ETS 2 (1.37+) x ETS 2 (1.37+) + ProMods 2.46 x ATS 2 (1.37+) Description Tool allows to synchronize cargoes. (Like ETS2 Sync helper, but its not longer supported) Every 72h website will generate a new list of cargoes. Support If you found any bugs\issues please post it in the current topic or using GitHub. Pull requests are appreciated. p.s. for moderators, it will be great if you can move that topic to section Unofficial tools, as i don`t have 10 messages, i can not create topics under that section
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