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  1. Solved! thank you for your quick reply. The second time you guys helped me out so quick !!
  2. Hi Guys, First of all, my game works really smooth and fine. thanks for the people that helped me installing this. After a couple jobs I found out that I can do external contracts. But after I tried to login it says The Authentication is not valid, try again to re-sign. What am I doing wrong?
  3. thank you so much for your help guys! game is running smooth and no lag ! enjoying this from Melbourne Australia !!
  4. omg that sounds amazing!! I have a high end gaming pc. just need to figure out how to install ET2 and the multiplayer!
  5. that's so sad.. I lived in Europe before, and 2 years ago decide to move over to Melbounr, Australia. What if I play on European servers, will the lag be massive?
  6. Hi Guys, I lived in Europe before and now I am living in Australia and I was wondering if there are any Asian/Australian servers online. Just asking before I am installing this game. Kind regards Roy
  7. Thanks for helping me guys! Its fixed !!
  8. thanks for the answer! when do i know if its updated?
  9. Hello Truckers MP. I installed the American Trucker today, and right after that i installed the Multiplayer mod. after launching it it crashed and sometimes it crashed after 5 minutes while driving. i got 12 hours of gameplay on steam with this game The error is something with FATAL Error. how can i fix this?
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