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  1. The Steps you do is ok but before Change to DX11 you have to Login to MP go Ingame make Quicksave then go to your ETS2 folder in documents and open the config.cfg file change to DirectX 11, by changing the line: uset r_device "dx9", to uset r_device "dx11" and save. Go back Ingame and Load Quicksave that should work fine. For me it Works with sometimes Bug and Crashes.

  2. I think that's excellent. Finally, it is harder to crack down on those who ruin the fun of the game and the game returns to its roots, namely "simulation" of what it means and what it stands for. I can only say repeatedly that I welcome these changes very much

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  3. The price of a freight per kilometer depends on your level of skill in the game. The higher your skills, level and so on, the more you get for the freight. Decisive is also the distance and the kind of the freight and the respective weight. The more effectively the higher the quality, the more urgent the freight and the farther the distance the higher the probability of getting more money per kilometer in the end.


    Example in my case:

    Level: 3656
    Played hours: 11882
    Freight: computer processors (Urgent delivery)
    Weight: 3,040 kg
    Planned route: 3 961 km
    driven distance: 4 959 km
    Earnings: 245 659 €


    Freight: Asphaltmiller - Writigen 808  (Urgent delivery)

    Weight: 88 100 kg

    Planned route: 2 795 km

    driven distance 3 417 km

    Price per kilometer: 106.96 €

    Earnings: 366 246 €


    As you see in the example plays the weight, the type of cargo and so on a crucial role.



  4. My game crashes for two days when I use the Eurotunnel from Calais to Felixtow or back. The only error message I get then according to Game Log: <ERROR> Invalid addon data (/def/vehicle/truck/scania.s_2016/accessory/intlight_bck/ac_dc.sii)! I tried to find out what it meant, but my Latin is here at the end. But I have no attachments installed in the interior which are not allowed but according to the error message supposedly should be there.Wenn I use the Eurotunnel in offline mode, it works without problems only in multiplayer crashes the game at the said point. If I can fix the problem no matter in what way then I am grateful for any advice and advice.

  5. Vous pouvez continuer à jouer en ligne sans les commandes de World of Truck parce que World of Trucks hors ligne est probablement dû à la version 1.31 Official ETS2. Il suffit de cliquer sur ce message pour continuer en mode hors connexion cela fonctionne.



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  6. You can continue playing online without World of Truck orders because World of Trucks offline is probably due to the 1.31 Official ETS2 release. Just click on this message and continue playing in offline mode.

  7.  Hast Du deinen Truck nach deinen Wünschen hergerichtet speicherst Du das Spiel wechselst in den Multiplayer und ignorierst wenn die Fehlermeldung erscheint fehender Mod etc erkannt und klickst einfach auf fortfahren. Sobald Du dann im Onlinemodus bist sprich im Spiel kannst Du dich einfach über den Garagenmanager überzeugen ob der Truck die 750 PS hat, sollte das der fall sein dann viel Spaß beim fahren.

    Playertagg vor deinem eigentlichen Spielernamen kannst Du im Spiel selber gestalten in dem Du im Spiel die TAB Taste drückst dann rechte Maustaste und mit dem Gelben Mauspfeil im Fenster wo dir Spieler in deiner Nähe angezeigt werden auf das Zahnrad unten Links klickst. da öffnet sich ein neues Fenster mit Einstellungsmöglichkeiten wie General, Sound, Mods etc. Du musst im Reiter General bleiben und schaun wo Du Playertagg sehen kannst und schreibst da einen beliebigen Namen rein und änderst rechts daneben noch die Farbe je nach Geschmack aber achte auf die Vernünftige Namenswahl klickst dann unten rechts auf Apply und ok und schliesst das Tabfenster, jetzt sollte vor deinem Namen ein selbsterstellter Playertagg stehen den nur andere sehen Du selber aber nicht.

    Die Zeit für deine Laufenden Aufträge läuft im Multiplayer weiter auch wenn Du offline gehst daher solltest Du diese dann im Singleplayer beenden da die Zeit im Multiplayer etwas schneller als im Singleplayer abläuft.



  8. If you want to activate the rain manually without changing the rain probability in the options, you can also do this via the console in the game. To do this, you must activate the console in the game.


    In the file 'config.cfg', which is located in the document folder for ETS2, two lines must be changed. The 'config.cfg' can be opened and changed with any editor (also Wordpad).

         Uset g_developer "0"
         Uset g_console "0"

    Here, the value "0" must be changed to the value "1". Then save the file.

    Then you go back into the game and open the console with ^ located next to the 1 on the keyboard.

    Now you can enter the command Enable Rain in the console:

    g_set_weather 1

    Or disable:

    g_set_weather 0


    And press Enter for each input !!!

    The console can always be opened / closed in the game, then the steering wheel, Mouse, Gamepad do not react so stop somewhere to do that. !!


    This allows the rain to be activated / deactivated whenever you want without driving with ferry or sleeping, etc


    With the processing of the config.cfg, the Flycam can be activated at the same time.

    In the game, the Fly-Cam is then opened with the "0" (the 'Null' from the upper keyboard row). Using the 8,4,5,6 buttons from the numeric keypad, the camera can now be moved through the game. In addition, the mouse can be used to control the movement in height.

    With the "1" key from the upper keyboard row you can then get back into the driver's cab and continue your journey.

    In addition to the speed of the Flycam:
    These can be set under "uset_g_flyspeed" 100.0 ". (For better photos, these can be used for example)


    Now the speedcam can be adjusted even without changing the configuration "on the fly", simply by turning the mouse wheel while you are in fly mode.

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  9. In areas where there is high traffic, say Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Paris, it is normal that the FPS descend.


    You can also use the options in the game menu under Options> Customize all the little things that make your playing experience perfect, or experiment with the graphics settings to get the most out of you.

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