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  1. 2 hours ago, GGF MD said:

    I don't think that it will work now.


    You have your account since 05 Nov 2016 and the Email is expired. I can't activate my account, either. As mentioned above: It won't affect your account :) 

    I know it doesnt affect. But if its possible i wanna change it

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  2. Hello Guys,


    It would be great if someone can help me with this, after 18 months on TruckersMP, my account status is still: Not activated

    So how can i get this activated. Link to verify acccount is not valid.

    Example Below.


    - Greetz NedGaming



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  3. The wipers does work, if you press p it have to work.

    If it doesnt work, check your settings and set the keybind wiper on p or something else.

  4. Sorry, a -1 for me. I don't see the point why you want something by reporting, You do it for yourself, and for the server to keep it a good place for everyone (:



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