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  1. NedGaming  [NL]

    Dutch Paint Jobs Pack DLC Steam.

    Is inderdaad jammer, zal nog wel komen geduld is een schone zaak Happy Trucking - NedGaming
  2. NedGaming  [NL]

    [Handleiding] Hoe gebruik je de CB Radio?

    Super, nu hoef ik dat meer zelf uit te leggen als iemand mij dat vraagt! Bedankt Happy Trucking -NedGaming
  3. NedGaming  [NL]

    FPS/Lag Issue [ETS2/ATS]

    Thanks for this, ill look if i can make my fps higher Happy Trucking - NedGaming
  4. NedGaming  [NL]

    Speed Limit Aftermath and Scania R730

    If you asked me, every server speed limiter 90 kmh. Driving faster doesnt bring you more. Happy Trucking - NedGaming
  5. NedGaming  [NL]

    Which truck/trucks do you prefer ? Why?*

    1 -> Which truck is the best ? DAF 2 -> Which truck is the fastest ? MAN 3 -> Which truck is the most balanced ? VOLVO
  6. NedGaming  [NL]

    Multiplayer Company

    Sorry, cant see any improvement in this suggestion. Happy Trucking - NedGaming
  7. NedGaming  [NL]

    EU4 equivalent for ATS

    I think this is a great idea. But there 2 servers and the servers are never full. Maybe they should change 1 server to NCZ Happy Trucking NedGaming
  8. NedGaming  [NL]

    Account status Not activated

    But ok, if this cant be solved this can be closed.
  9. NedGaming  [NL]

    Account status Not activated

    Maybe you should read my first post.....
  10. NedGaming  [NL]

    Account status Not activated

    I know it doesnt affect. But if its possible i wanna change it
  11. NedGaming  [NL]

    Account status Not activated

    I followed the instructions. Doesnt work till now.
  12. NedGaming  [NL]

    Account status Not activated

    Hello Guys, It would be great if someone can help me with this, after 18 months on TruckersMP, my account status is still: Not activated So how can i get this activated. Link to verify acccount is not valid. Example Below. - Greetz NedGaming
  13. NedGaming  [NL]


    The wipers does work, if you press p it have to work. If it doesnt work, check your settings and set the keybind wiper on p or something else.
  14. NedGaming  [NL]

    Why do you go to Duisburg-Calais?

    If you want to drive here, this could happen, So people that like this.... good luck If you want to drive here, this could happen, So people that like this.... good luck