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  1. Hey Nedgaming, this "bug" you have been referring to in your post:

    isn't actually a bug by SCS software. It is supposed to be a speed bumper that you drive slowly and do not speed like a maniac in the city. In addition, there is a pedestrian crosswalk and thus it is meant to be for used as a disabled person in a wheelchair who is unable to cross the curbside. As a result of this height, they can easily cross the street.


    Hopefully, I have properly answered the issue you were wondering about. Unfortunately, I was not able to reply immediately, as you posted your question because I, to be honest, didn't even see it nor did I pay any attention :unsure:


    Regards ;)

    1. NedGaming  [NL]

      NedGaming [NL]

      Thanks for your reply, I thank you for helping me. 


      Regards, NedGaming (: 

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