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Use of the pilot car colour

Guest END2022

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Guest END2022

Name: Proper use of the colour pilot car


Suggestion: The use of pilot colour should only be directed to users who are part of a VTC
Reason: The misuse of colour has get users to embody activities that are generally practiced at events by staff members.

Many abuse the colors and are parked in inappropriate places breaking rule §1.5 and §2.6


This behavior can be clearly seen in Calais city, crossing the train line (C-D), Duisburg petrol station and Duisburg city center.


The control method for using pilot car colour should follow the system authorized company manager TMP


Conclusion: The proper use of car pilot colour by players who are registered in VTC will alert other users safely about the passage of a Convoy by companies in areas permitted by the rules.

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Hello AzBrazilSP,

Thank you for taking time to sumbit a suggestion.
However, everyone is allowed to use a Pilot car, if you feel like people are abusing it, by blocking, reckless driving, impersonating, ETC... You can use the in-game report system, or you can report them here.
+Thank you for translating your suggestion.

Kind regards,
Mr. Calvin


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