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In-game purchase to remove 110km/h speed limit

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Suggestion Name: Make an In-game purchase to remove 110km/h speed limit

Suggestion Description:Let the players who really would like to drive faster than 110km/h without the intention of causing trouble spend some money on truckersmp to remove the speed limiter

Any example images: no

Why should it be added:

     Now i know what you would say,  it is a simulation game, trucks are slow in real life etc etc, but please listen to what i want to say. In real life people drive slow because there's heavy traffic everywhere and road and traffic conditions are complex, you always need to stay alerted for traffic around you and some pedestrians jumping on the road. But on Simulation 1 server, most areas are pretty empty, and i get really annoyed driving 110km/h on an empty 6-lane highway in Germany. Though many players would love to drive slow in the game, there's also a great number of players who want to drive slightly faster than 110km/h. In real life i drive 130km/h on highways without punishment. Now i know you guys won't easily lift the speed limit because you don't want rammers causing trouble in the server, but you can make a function to let players pay some money to get their speed limit removed or increased. Of course , you can also make stricter rules for those players, if they do break rules going above 110km/h then give them harsher punishment. Since they spend some money on their account i'm sure they would value their accounts more and obey the rules more. And for truckersmp, there's money to be made and extra cash in your pockets. Honestly I sincerely appreciate you guys for making such a great mod without the intention of making profits, i would like to support you , and i definitely won't cause any trouble in the game, but i just want this speed limiter removed, or increased to 150km/h like the old days. So please, think about it. And sorry for my poor english.

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I like the scenery of Scandinavia:rolleyes:

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Hello edcndand,

Thank you for sending your suggestion.

The speed limit on our Simulation server is set to 110km/h. In real life, you are not allowed to drive faster than 105km/h in any European country. We do not plan to change that any time soon. If you would like to drive without any speed limit play on our Arcade servers please. You can find a more detailed explanation here

Kind regards,
Mr. Calvin


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