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Sound Mods as optional useable mod

[GER] Newt

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Suggestion Name: Sound Mods in Multiplayer

Suggestion Description: Adding sound mods to the multiplayer (ProMods + Vanillaserver)

Any example images: n/a

Why should it be added?: Due to the fact, that SCS has (unfortunately) screwed up the stock sounds of the engines with FMOD, TruckersMP should support a small band of sound mods (like Kriechbaum's ones).

In my opinion, this would be a really great addition and we all know, what will happens often in tunnels (slow down, windows down, set a lower gear and give fullspeed = POG) and people who don't have the mod are having the default sounds :D



Maurice Bailey

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I really don't know what I should write in here,

so I will just put my truck license plate in here :3


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