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[REJECTED] what should you do when you start a new game

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hello new players welcome the truckers mp family what should you do when you start a new game

These are the things you should or shouldn't do in the game 

 1-don't hack cheating is a reason for the ban speed hack or like changing the way the game works

2-The level and money cheat gets your gaming pleasure please Try to improve yourself don' use cheat engine 

3-please do not disturb other players If you bother you will receive complaint(sorry it was a little harsh this its a rule)

4-always be on video record if you are unfairly banned or if you are going to complain to another player this will be proof

5-Be careful don't crash if you do crash youre banned

6-don't joke other players keep your  tracking distance on full roads(duisburg-calais or kirkenes)

These are the things you should or shouldn't do in the forum

1-Being solition oriented if there is anything subject you know please say it

2-No talking slang the forum be kind don't break anyone

3-don't humiliate people on a subject they don't know.İf you know tell them they truth

4-create a support ticket if your issue is not resolved

5.If you want to be a moderator in the forum, you will be patient.choices are made in the forum over time not everyone can be a moderator you become a moderator on different topics according to the features you will make

                 There are more rules, but these are the simplest rules you need to do









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