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Linux Support

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Suggestion Name: Linux Support

Suggestion Description:  Add support for Linux Users.

Any example images: N/A

Why should it be added?: Okay, here is a bit of a long rant. I will say this first before the "Just dual boot". I absolutely refuse to have Microsoft Windows on my system because of the invasion of privacy. No one realizes that it is basically a massive piece of spyware disguised as an operating system. Everything you do is monitored, do the research. It's absolutely scary. With that out of the way,


Linux is a growing platform. As more and more people realize that Linux is a better operating system. It's a better operating system for gaming because it runs so much better for Windows. I am sure people are always looking to pad out their resume, find competent programmers who are willing to bring TruckersMP to Linux. That way your main team is not disturbed by the Linux Master Race. 


Pretty please, I refuse to taint my soul with Windows 10. Give us Native Linux Support. The platform is growing slowly as I said before. Some day it will avalanche, however when developers are stuck in the past of Windows Only, it makes it difficult for actual progress to be made in the gaming world. I mean ffs you have people making games in Unity and not making a Linux build... that's asinine, the market is there, there is a market for TruckersMP Linux as well. 

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