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How to change your game profile name (In-depth)


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Hello fellow Truckers!


I am making a guide for how to change your profile name in both ETS 2 and ATS.

This is mainly for those who have downloaded a profile with a random name that they wish to change to one that they want.

Firstly, download the following:

SII_Decrypt: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ldlmap8006wl375/SII_Decrypt.exe/file

Java: https://java.com/en/download/windows_offline.jsp

textcov: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9yikylftl5jxxdm/textcov.jar/file

(I recommend downloading and installing this too, it's very helpful for editing anything - Notepad++: https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/)


I recommend making a new folder somewhere, like your desktop, for instance to save these in.


First of all find the profile that you wish to change the name of, which should be in /Documents/{your game ATS/ETS 2}/profiles.

If you can not find your profile or have it in the steam_profiles folder, follow the steps below.


If you have multiple profiles and are not sure which one you want to change, do the following:

> Load up your game (ATS/ETS 2) and select the profile that you wish to change.

> Continue into the game.

> Then save and close the game.

> Then, go back to /Documents/{your game ATS/ETS 2}/profiles, and click on the "View" tab.

> Under "Sort by", click on "Date modified" and make sure "Descending" is checked.

The profile at the top of the list will be the one you just played (i.e. the one you want to change the name of).


If you can not find the profile or if the profile is in steam_profiles*, do the following:

> Load up your game (ATS/ETS 2) and select the profile that you wish to change.

> Click "Edit".

> Ensure that "Use Steam Cloud" is unchecked otherwise this will be in your steam_profiles folder, which will not work as it doesn't contain a "profile.sii" file.

N.B. If a profile is using Steam Cloud, do the above to change the name and then you will be able to re-enable Steam Cloud once you have changed the name. (Your steam progress WILL NOT be deleted/modified)

Once you have done this, it will have moved to the "profiles" folder where you can find it.


Now you have the profile you wish to change the name of. Make sure you don't lose the name of it; copy and paste it into a notepad page or sticky note just in case!


Now changing the names!

> First, install Java (the file called "jre-8u241-windows-i586").

> Once installed, open "textcov" with Java.

> A box will appear like so:


> Type in the box "Profile name" the name that you WANT your profile to be called.

> Hit "Convert".

> Select the "Save folder name" text and press "CTRL + C" (without the quotes) to copy the folder name.

> Then find the profile you wish to rename and right-click on it and click "Rename".

> Delete the original name and paste the copied text in (CTRL + V or right-click and hit "Paste")

> Then double click the profile, and with the downloaded folder and your profile both open drag the file "profile.sii" onto the "SII_Decrypt" file which you downloaded.

> Then, right click "profile.sii" again and edit it with Notepad/Notepad ++.

> Scroll down right to the bottom of the file and there will be a line of text callled "profile_name".

> Remove what is there and call it what your profile is called (Must be the same; i.e. what you wrote in the "profile name" box on textcov.

> Finally Save the file and you are ready to go!


*If you unchecked "Use Steam Cloud" earlier, you can re-check this once you have done the name change.


I attach a brief video here, in case anyone got lost!



Finally, load up your game and your profile should have its new name!


Please let me know of any queries/questions/suggestions!


Hope this helps!


[Plasma] Sergey.

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