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Increase speed limit in double roads/motorways to 130 on Promods 1


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Suggestion Name: Increase speed limit in double roads/motorways to 130 on Promods 1 

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Why should it be added?: I think that the speed limit in roads with double lane roads/motorways are a bit too low, especially when you are passing thru a flat motorway, you feel stuck to 110, and I feel like that should be increased for better overtaking aswell. And also when the motorway passes thru a city, the motorways speed limit also goes as low as 60 km/h, and I think that should be fixed as well. (This can be seen in Rovaniemi) And about trolls, it is not only dependent on speed, as a troll can ram into you when they are on the same speed as you aswell.

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Thank you very much for your suggestion, however this is something that has been suggested many times before.

Before making a suggestion, please make sure to take a look here:


Thank you for understanding! :)


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