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Wrong Way auto-kick


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Suggestion Name: Wrong Way auto-kick

Suggestion Description: Its anoying driving almost the road without problems and from nowhere some player decides to drive in the British Fashion (assuming we are on EU), the wrong way auto-kick ban determine if the player in 30secs is driving on wrong way he can be kicked by the bot, just like the headlights kick...

Any example images: None

Why should it be added?: Help alot agains the tolls

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Hello there ?


First of all, thank you for making a suggestion. But unfortunately, there is another suggestion similar to your opinion. Since we don't need two suggestions, we reject this suggestion, and here's the other topic:


Before you create a suggestion, please review whether your opinion has already been submitted by someone else.

Thanks for your understanding. If you have any questions, feel free to DM me. :) 



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