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Guest iCube96

Suggestion Name:             Simulated Weather For Everyone


Suggestion Description:   Simulating weather for all players (the entire Server), instead of it being client side only.


                                              I think this is pretty much self explained. I already wrote it as feedback to the support, and got a reply to share it here so the community can give their feedback about it. 


Why should it be added?: To go with the new monumental changes of Road to Simulation, i myself had a lot of moments when it was raining like crazy for friend of mine while i had sunshine and a blue sky.


                                              These moments are always funny but still wouldn't it be better to have the same weather for all drivers on the server.



So now it's your turn to show what you think of this feature, if you want to see this relativ small, but for some maybe more immersive change.


Also have a nice day/night, and stay safe while traveling on the roads of TruckerMP.

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Even though this fits in our simulation plans, we would receive a massive backlash from the community, as this would mean that the possibility to create 'the perfect asset' will be decreased, because the weather might not be what the person wants at a certain time.



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