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[GER] MauriceLPs

Re-Login after Kick

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Suggestion Name: Re-Login on Game-Servers after a kick.


Suggestion Description: There could be 2 variants.

1. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with "Re-Login" and you get logged in back to the server, you was previously - OR

2. Variant) Add in Tab a Button with Drop-Down menu and you can Change the Server


Any example images: no one, unfortunately...


Why should it be added?: Who dont know this. You are going shortly AFK to do make food or going to toilet and you was too slow and got kicked. So, you are playing now 6 hours without pause and dont want to loose the current Playtime in Steam - you are currently forced to play offline or restart the Game and loose the current playtime.It would be a nice Feature, so we dont loose our current playtime


Kind regards,

Maurice "MauriceLPs" K.

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Guest Tristan [FR]

Dear @[GER / AUT] MauriceLPs,

I would firstly thank you for your interest in the community, but this suggestion has been suggested several times and refused. Therefore, that's why I'm forced to reject it.


Reconnect button and changing servers without having to restart the game

I advise you to check this topic for further information:

Here you will find frequently suggested things.

If you have any questions, feel free to send me a private message. 

Thanks for your understanding,

Kind Regards,
RAGE Community Moderator


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