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Good Day to anyone this can come to.

My name is Matthew P. and i got a little suggestion to propose


My proposition suggest adding Escort Vans from singleplayer that are being used in special transport. I may not be the first guy that suggests it. But i believe it is a better idea to use to escort different heavy haulage and other ,,dangerous” deliveries. Since its a van and not a car it may be better for this purpose. 


Why do i believe this should be added?

To be honest i am one of the few that believes cars that have a high speed capability shouldnt be used as escort vehicles. Thats why i believe we should think about a better alternative would be to implement these vans. 


Ofcourse i am aware this would add a lot of work to the addon team but it could be used in convoys and other major events. And ofcourse i suggest these vans wouldnt be able to go fast. Since its an escort van not a racing vehicle.


That is just an idea and ofcourse i would be happy to hear any questions regarding my idea. Ill be happy to answer them. 


Also ill be happy to hear why it can or cant happen.


Thank you for your time. 

Sincerly Matthew P. / TheGoodGuy1515

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