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Cannot connect to server.



Hi, i have this error about 2 days.

When I open the game and I select the server I have this messages.

Cannot connect to server.It may be caused by your internet connection issues.

You will be automatically reconnected within next 10 seconds..

I don't have any problem with the internet, all work good, but the still don't work

Photo: https://imgur.com/a/5TR44pb 

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Please follow these steps:

  • Try turning your router off for 1 minute and then turning it back on and see if you still have connection problems,
  1. Try clearing your DNS cache, follow this link for the guide, https://documentation.cpanel.net/display/CKB/How+To+Clear+Your+DNS+Cache

  2. Try Do a dns flush,you can get help this guide,https://www.wikihow.com/Flush-DNS

  3.  Try Clearing the ARP Cache,https://techjourney.net/clear-delete-and-refresh-arp-cache-entry/

  4. If using wireless making sure that the router is not placed so that it is next to anything electrical such as a television,

  5. Using a VPN service to allow for a possibly stabler connection to the game servers via better routing.

  6. Open up your Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del on keyboard and see if there are some updating services running in the background processes , E.g: Adobe IPC Broker service,or any form of updater service which updates softwares you use in the background.


You can take a look at this topics:


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have your problem been solved?

if not,try this

Begin by restarting your router. If this does not help make sure that all other devices connected to the network are disconnected, try playing with the cable if it is over Wi-Fi. If you continue to have connection problems, try opening the specific ports: 42860, 49200, 42890.Also configure Google DNS,, and

Make sure that Windows Firewall is not blocking the connection. Start by opening Windows Firewall and Restore Defaults.



Best Regards

Soul Knight:)

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Hello :)

Follow these guides:

Solution 1:

1. Run the program as an administrator (right click the shortcut and select 'run as an administrator' and accept the UAC prompt.

2. Run TruckersMP in compatibility mode for Windows 7, please follow this guide http://pearsonsupport.helpserve.com/Knowledgebase/Article/View/210/21/how-to-install-or-run-a-program-in-compatibility-mode-in-windows-7

3. Install these two programs


Solution 2:

1. Reset your network adapator

This page will guide you through what you need to do and explains for different Windows operating systems as you scroll down. 


You type 


·         netsh int ip reset reset.txt

·         netsh winsock reset

·         netsh advfirewall reset

In to a DOS window (Comand Prompt).


2. You can also try resetting the Winsock Catalog

  • Click on windows search program and type "cmd" enter
  • Once you're in, type "netsh winsock reset catalog" enter
  • Type "netsh int ip reset.log hit" enter
  • Restart your computer



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Don't work, I have windows 10, sometimes connect me, sometimes i need to wait, yesterday i had to wait like 20 minutes and still the same message...

I don't know what it's the problem..

I will reinstall the game

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