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HELP: Kicked from the server

Luis Aguilar


Hello I need help was modifying my truck and I put the long chassis, Then when leaving I kike the server for this reason: invalid accessory set detected. Non truck accessory exist.

Then I imagined that it was because of the chassis and I changed it to the normal one but it keeps pulling me out, so my question is if there are other components that make me vote the server.




:D Agregame en Steam :P


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Players may be able to see the Police paintjob and addons for their vehicles however driving them with these paintjobs as a regular player results in an immediate and automatic kick from the server.


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Useful Links/Önemli Bağlantılar: TruckersMP Rules/Kuralları | Recrutiment/İşe alım | Knowledge-base/Bilgi bankası  | Forum Warning System/Uyarı Sistemi: [TR] [ENG] 

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