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Lag and ping issues

[VIVA] Savage Frog


First of all I'd like to state that I'm a complete nub when it comes to PC's and their components...


So for the last 2/3 weeks I have had serious lag and ping issues. I'm not sure whether it was caused by one of the MP updates or simply because my PC is a potato.


Here are my PC specs:


AMD FX 6350


1TB Hard Drive

Nividia GTX 750 Graphics card

PSU 500W

Win 10


Is there anyway that I can decrease the lags? Would replacing certain parts improve the quality of my gameplay?


Now to the ping...On average my ping is 55-65ms. However, recently I have been getting kicked quite often for ping and it has been jumping up to 200ms constantly. I'm using a wired connection, and no theres no programs running in the background that would cause such a high ping.







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Moved to help.

Have you tried disabling the development logging option in the tab list options? This prevents alot of stuttering on my computer, which is not as powerful as yours. (AMD A6-3500, Sapphire Radeon R7 260x, 8gb ram).

You could also try doing a speed test or pinging a google dns server for errors (google how to do this).



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- What is your internet speed? It has stable connection generally?
If you notice irregularities in your internet, I recommend contacting your provider.


- Do you have any program that uses bandwidth in the background, like Torrents? Is there any program/application activated that can consume bandwidth, such as Windows Update, Antivirus, etc.?

If yes, try disabling these programs while playing, and check if there is any improvement.

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