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How to use the Map Editor?

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Hello. First of all, I wish you a good day. In this post, I will try to explain to you in parts the components of Map Editor and how to use them. I hope it helps.


I am thinking of completing this post under 2 headings.


  1. Editor sections and tools
  2. Detailed use of editor tools


A- Editor sections and tools




Important Keys:


A key: Turns off the map background.

C key: Changes camera angle

Space: Arranges nodes.


First, I will tell you about the components of Map Editor. Map Editor consists of 7 sections in total. 


  1. Map 
  2. Edit Mode
  3. Snap
  4. Selection
  5. Camera
  6. Tools 
  7. Other


1. Map Section: This section is about the first and last stages of your map.




a. Ekran_goruntusu_2024-01-07_1131579.png?e New Map: Allows you to open a map from scratch.


b. Ekran_goruntusu_2024-01-07_1131570.png?e Export Map: Provides the final stage of your map, i.e. exporting it.


c. a.png?ex=65ace39f&is=659a6e9f&hm=3316222 Save: Allows you to save your map.


d. Ekran_goruntusu_2024-01-07_1131578s.png? Play: Allows you to test your map.


2. Edit Mode: This section constitutes the main components you will use when making your map.




a. Ekran_goruntusu_2024-01-07_113157a.png?e New: To your map; roads, models, terrains etc. lets you add anything


b. Ekran_goruntusu_2024-01-07_113157d.png?e Move: Lets you move objects


c. Ekran_goruntusu_2024-01-07_113157e.png?e Scale: Increases the size of your models.


d. image.png?ex=65ace558&is=659a7058&hm=8f1 Delete: Allows you to delete objects to. Item Properties: Allows you to change the information of objects


e. image.png?ex=65ace562&is=659a7062&hm=447 Item Properties: Allows you to change the information of objects


f.  image.png?ex=65ace56a&is=659a706a&hm=cac Node Properties: Allows you to adjust the lengths, directions and heights of Paths and Curve Models.


g. image.png?ex=65ace572&is=659a7072&hm=1c5 Flag: Determines where you will start when testing your map.


h. image.png?ex=65ace57a&is=659a707a&hm=3a1 Height: Allows you to edit the height of objects I. X,Y,Z: Allows you to translate models in 3D.


j.  image.png?ex=65ace5a9&is=659a70a9&hm=37b Brush: Allows you to paint Terrains and Bazier Patches.


k. image.png?ex=65ace5b7&is=659a70b7&hm=d5b Ruler: Measures the distance between two points you mark.


l.  image.png?ex=65ace5c7&is=659a70c7&hm=aeb Terrain Picker: Allows you to find materials of terrains.


m. image.png?ex=65ace5d9&is=659a70d9&hm=24c Traffic Tool: Allows you to adjust traffic and speed limits.


n.  image.png?ex=65ace5e1&is=659a70e1&hm=216 Vertex Tool: Allows you to change the location of Nodes of Terrains.


3. Snap: This section controls the snapping and binding of objects.




4.Selection: This section sets you up to select objects.




5. Camera: This section allows your Camera to switch to bird's eye view and free camera modes




6.Tools: This section consists of the main components.




a. image.png?ex=65ace8cd&is=659a73cd&hm=6d3 Content Browser: You add objects to your map here.


b. image.png?ex=65ace8d4&is=659a73d4&hm=c33 Weather Editor: Lets you choose the weather and time when making your map


c. image.png?ex=65ace8dd&is=659a73dd&hm=291 Settings: Allows you to change the scale of your map.


d. image.png?ex=65ace8e5&is=659a73e5&hm=6c9 Find: Allows you to find objects


7. Item Type: This section allows you to quickly select the object category you want without entering the Content Browser.






The first episode is over. Now I will write about the detailed use of some tools.



B- Detailed use of editor tools


image.png?ex=65ace56a&is=659a706a&hm=cac Node Features:





a. Position: Divide it into sections where you will write the coordinates of the location in order to extend the section.


b. Direction: Not used. Rotation: allows rotating the object to the desired value in X, Y, Z coordinates.


c. Country Border: Country border changes are applied explicitly


d. Free Rotation: Allows you to freely drag and rotate the object.


image.png?ex=65ace5a9&is=659a70a9&hm=37b Brush Editor: You can press B to open this


a. Right Click: Paints




b. CTRL + Right Click: Deletes the paint.




c. Alt + Right Click or CTRL: Paints/deletes only a specific frame.




image.png?ex=65ace5e1&is=659a70e1&hm=216 Vartex Manipulation: You can press V to turn this on Lands; It allows you to raise and lower, slide left and right, and combine.




image.png?ex=65ace5d9&is=659a70d9&hm=24c Traffic Tool: Enables ALL traffic-related operations to be carried out.





a. Speed Limits: Sets the speed limit.


b. Access/Spawning: Creates, deletes and limits vehicles


Vegetable Shape: Allows unwanted removal of plants 






I have explained everything you need to know about the main components of the editor. I hope what I wrote was helpful. If you need help you can contact me!




Have a nice day!

Kind regards,


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  • Senior Community Manager

Hello @Samderali,


Thank you for creating this awesome guide! I will waiting for your next part though before making it public. I will then also archive the already existing guide (seen below) as yours is more up-to-date and in-depth. 

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Kind regards,

Vicc | TruckersMP Senior Community Manager


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On 08.01.2024 at 00:41, Vicc. said:



Bu harika kılavuzu oluşturduğunuz için teşekkür ederiz! Herkese açık hale getirmeden önce bir sonraki bölümünüzü bekleyeceğim. Daha sonra, sizinki daha güncel ve derinlemesine olduğundan, halihazırda mevcut olan kılavuzu (aşağıda görülmektedir) arşivleyeceğim. 

Hello, I wish you a good day. I have completed my article about the editor. Can you make it public? Thank you ❤️ 

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That's a great guide thank you. 




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