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Map that appears in multiplayer but not in single player



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Hello there!


Regarding to your issue, the missing part is not the content for that DLC. The screenshot for multiplayer is ProMods map. If you would like to play on ProMods, you need to configure that in the mod manager before entering your profile.




TruckersMP Support + Translator & DBus Translator

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Hello @sirgerrard,


As for what the Support staff said, the missing part is not from **DLC**, it's from **ProMods** mods. And indeed, you have installed your map DLCs, but if you would like to play the ProMods map(the missing area you mentioned) on the singleplayer, you need to enable your ProMods mod in the **mod manager**(but not the DLC manager like the last image you sent here).

If you would like to play ProMods in our ProMods server, you don't need to activate the mod in the mod manager, but enter the server directly.

Kind regards,
TruckersMP Support

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