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Found 1 result

  1. As a driver of relatively long standing on the TMP group, starting back when it was called "European truck simulator 2 multiplayer" thereby pre-dating the addition of ATS to TMPs portfolio, I started off on keys and have done pretty well so far, driving to the the rules of TMP, however as a member of the facebook group as well, yes the official one, I have noticed a little bit of saltyness coming through towards simulation orientated players and ban-moaning towards the staff, this has come with the rise of videos showing somewhat quetionable driving with speeds often north of 130km/h, blasting past other traffic on single lane undivided roads into blind bends, particularly on the CD road, a road that I rarely use. With this rise of content it I think has given the wrong impression of what TMP is actually all about, yes EU2, 3 and 4 have no speed limit set by game mechanic default, you have to set it in your account settings on TMP as it over-rides the ETS2 and ATS gameplay settings. with EU1 remaining firmly a simulation server. I am however not against the Skoda, I have driven it and yes I have had one in my garage for a time however the player base that seems to be forming comes across as seeing the fact that they can go 150km/h as "we must go 150km./h and to hell with anyone who is going slower". This is causing a lot of friction it seems between simulation orientated players and what I call the 150km/h brigade who then when they get banned for [enter reason here] find their first reaction to mosie over to the TMP facebook and moan about their bans and how they have been unfairly banned because they have cut someone off and caused a shunt, head on collision or quite simply had their trailer whip around and wipe another truck out, or they accuse the simulation orientated players of blocking because the sim-orientated player is quite simply doing what TMP expect of them and that is by driving to the conditions of the road and the posted speed limit. yet As this content seems to be coming more prevelent across TMP, it is giving the wrong impression, and the rise in ban - moaning i think is actually linked. I would like to ask players who are in the simulation mind set to help bring newer players to the mind set as it seems that a lot of players who buy ETS2 then download the MP mod seem to think that trucks handle like lamborghinis and GT cars, especially when they see things like "750hp" and "4000nm of torque", after all 750hp is on a par with some high end sports cars, then with that the limiter is found to be off so the first thing they do is go flat out and try to race everyone because that is what other simulator games seem to replicate, these games I refer to are the likes of Asetto Corsa, AC Competizione, Forza, Gran Tourismo and need 4 speed, and that I think is where it all begins to fall apart. Trucking is about racing deadlines set by customers, but getting the load there in one piece without damage, but unlike running around the nordschleife* the open public highway has speed limits which currently do not seem to be adhered to yet when we sign up to play TMP the first thing that we have to do is agree to play by the rules, rules which were recently ammended to include obeying EU (or american in ATS) road rules. Im also pretty sure that I am not alone in these thoughts. In addition to this, there is it seems a lot of responsibility shifting going on, responsibility being put onto simulation orientated drivers for "going too slow" and thereby causing the accident where in fact the simulation driver is doing what TMP expect them to be doing and that is adhering to the rules of the road which means doing 60km/h where posted, or 80km/h were posted, stopping for red lights, yielding at give way signs and such, meaning when we're sat at a red light we are it seems in the wrong when we get rear-ended or accused of blocking, and when we're going up a single lane road posted at 60km/h and we're doing just that, it seems to be that to some we are in the wrong and we have been told as much because of holding traffic up, traffic that wants to overtake on a twisty road with oncoming traffic. When i was learning to drive back in 1995, yes THAT LONG AGO! i was told that we must drive to the conditions, now on TMP this brings in another condtion to drive for, not only have you got game physics where your truck behaves, rolls slides if its wet, (and yes ETS2 does do that), we also have oncoming traffic to deal with which may be overtaking and so coming AT YOU, the contours of the road with twists, turns etc and every road is different, we also have server lag, many of you may have remembered doing the ETRC event where at drop points you got severe lag due to the number of players, however some seem to think that by doing what we are taught to do in drivers ed we are actually driving dangerously and so players are getting frustrated. yet many times have I been passed several times in the space of half an hour by the same player who goes fast, resumably crashes and restarts from a previous save, only to pass me again in the same reckless manner, only to see similar driving content turn up on social media, and I am guessing that other players have seen the same too, is this the case or am i loosing my mind?
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