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Found 2 results

  1. La Trans PRO euro recrute! Qu'est-ce que la Trans PRO euro? La Trans PRO euro est une nouvelle entreprise qui vient d'ouvrir ses portes à des chauffeurs sur ETS2! Les conditions pour être choisi Pour être choisi et rentrer dans la team, vous devez remplir certaines conditions : Avoir plus de 14 ans Avoir de l'expérience sur le jeu Avoir TEAMSPEAK 3 Avoir un micro de relativement bonne qualité La première impression La première impression se fait en jeu, lorsque nous rencontrons la personne. Si vous ne parlez pas, ou que vous n'êtes pas respectueux des membres, n'espérez pas rentrer! Nous regardons toujours la façon de rouler des candidats dès le début de la conversation. Si vous ne respectez pas les règles du code de la route FRANCAIS ou les règles de TRUCKERS MP, vous ne serez pas pris! Les TEST Pour rentrer dans notre entreprise, vous devez passer certains tests : Des manoeuvres à effectuer devant un formateur Une route d'environ 250 km à effectuer, suivi par un formateur Un convoi avec d'autres membres de la team d'environ 1000 km à travers l'Europe, toujours suivi par le formateur. Une période de 14 jours d'essai pendant laquelle tous vos trajets doivent être irréprochables Un dernier convoi de plus de 1000 km avec les autres membres de la team. Comment être engagé? Nous recruterons les joueurs sur ce topic et sur MYVTM. Sur MYVTM, vous devez faire une lettre de motivation contenant : votre pseudo, votre âge, la façon dont vous nous avez connu et les raisons qui font que vous voulez nous rejoindre ! Nous regarderons toujours votre façon de rouler en jeu, et votre façon de parler! Le lien de MYVTM : http://virtualtruckingmanager.com/company/610 Sur les feuilles de route, nous demandons une preuve pas la capture d'écran de votre feuille de route à l'arrivée en jeu, postée sur le site IMGUR. Nous demandons le lien de cette photo sur le site dans les commentaires de la feuille de route sur le site. TOUTE FEUILLE DE ROUTE FALSIFIEE SERA REFUSEE, ET SON AUTEUR SERA AVERTI! Un chauffeur qui falsifie plusieurs feuilles de route s'expose à son licenciement pur et simple. Nous espérons que vous serez nombreux à nous rejoindre pour jouer dans la bonne humeur!
  2. Today i was able to get Volvo trailer mod to work. Ofcourse it is allowed in multiplayer,but earlyer times i failed to get it to work. All that happened was, that i was sent to my house in Czech republic. But today i was lucky and got the mod to actually work. First i was thinking it was a DLC but it was nowhere to be found, but i saw one trucker driving by with a Scania or a Volvo truck trailer once in awhile. First opinion was mind blowing, i loved it and i felt like i wanna drive it every single day my entire life, also it fitted my truck perfectly. Who has seen my trucks, knows i reasently changed my truck style which changed the truck style alittle more than usual. My truck was usually yellow and with brown as the secondary and cream as the shadowing color or as the third color. But one day i tried to change my truck color alittle bit,and when i tried black, it made the truck totally over the top. Black is the base color, and Cream painjob is yellow with brown and cream color shadowing. When i logged into online and saw two big black Volvos on my trailer, it fitted my truck perfectly. Cargo is 100 tons total, but for first when i had a slow start every time i pushed the pedal, i didnt mind it and took it as a intresting experience in a good way. In UK i drove with basic choice of two wheels at the rear. I did speed up 1mph in every 5 seconds on streight road and slowed down while going upwards or up a bridge. But i accepted that and i still felt relaxed. I enjoyed driving that trailer around. When i made it to the train station near Calais, i literally stopped allmost at the top of the climb. I pushed the pedal down hard as i could and i also tried the sideway driving techneaque which sort of worked at the work site or mining site where i also have haulted while having a heavy cargo and trying to gut up the hill of the site. At the trail station i reversed the truck down the ramp, turned the truck and trailer around in a tight space ( you probably know how narrow the train station road is,eaven it is two lanes). I drove the wrong way to gain speed and bairly made it up the bridge because luckily my truck contained 5pmh at the very end which was what i needed. I knew i had to add maximum amout of tires on to have a chance on the Duisburg road, and that is what i did. After extra wheels where added, i headed to the highway. On the S turn up onto another bridge, one truck was also sruggling so i had no chance to collect speed for the bridge. Luckily my extra wheels where enough of a good idea and installment,that i was able to crawl up the bridge without stopping,having a speed of 20mph. While i headed to Duisburg road and when i was on it for about 100 miles, i had a other trucker front of me who didnt move faster than me so we chatted about my trailer for alittle while. One point he gained more speed than me and few trucks behind me started to get kind of sick of driving with slow gaining speed and they passed as well while i tried to give way. When trucks came my way ofcourse i stopped letting the few trucks passed and by that time i also gained reasonable amount of speed. First big opsticle was the zig-zag road up a hill after the railway ( Because i know this road well, i knew i had to gain enough speed to containe enough speed as possible while climbing up the hill). Up the hill few trucks did catch up with me and passed my like lightning. But i catched up quiet quick because in about 20miles there was a traffic jam. Traffic was as usual, few drivers who try to overtake others from left and right, and also crashing into other truckers. I did notice how one trucker with a red Volvo squeesed himself right behind me. I dont know, was it an accident or he liked my trailer which made him do that. When i made it out of the jam i was taken over none stop. I wasnt overtaken that many times since my 90mph limiter was on and i had to turn it off when i joined ETS mulitplayer version. I also gave way but plenty of truckers drove past me like maniacs from between me and the upcoming trucks. And after the 90 degree turn i parked my truck the the side of the road and i knew from that point theres no traffic and i might be the only opsticle. Volvo truck trailer is a amazing trailer,which is allowed in multiplayer, but i dont recommend it to be driver on Calais-Duisburg route. You get passed so many times,you just get sick of it and stop like i did. At the end i found it as the hardest cargo to deliever in the game, at the end i literally felt hot in reality driving this trailer around for 1500 miles frue UK and part of Duisburg road. It is better to look good than feel good, And i looked good.(My truck looked close to perfect with that trailer, eaven at the end)
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