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Found 1 result

  1. I wrote an app to help players sync their job lists. UPDATE: ETS2 1.25 changed some aspects of the binary save, which made the app stop working. I was already working on a rewrite of the app from scratch to fix bugs and make it faster and smaller. I just posted that as version 4.0.0 beta. Unfortunately, it's not able to sync binary saves. When you open the app it will tell you if you need to change the save format. If that's the case, be sure to close the game before clicking the ‘Change to “Text”’ link. Then, be sure to create a new save before syncing. UPDATE: Version 5.6.0 has been released. It supports: ETS2 1.35: Scandinavia Going East! Vive la France! Italia Beyond the Baltic Sea High Power Cargo Pack Heavy Cargo Pack ATS 1.35: New Mexico Oregon Washington Heavy Cargo Pack Forest Machinery How to Sync Save the game (“Save & Load → Save Game”). Use Alt+Tab to minimize the game. In ETS2Sync Helper, make sure that the profile you are using and the save you just created are selected. If everyone you are going to drive with have either or all of the DLCs in the app, select them accordingly. Click “Sync Jobs” and wait for the “Sync complete” message. Go back to the game, and load the save that was synced (“Save & Load → Load Game”). Save Format The app won't be able to sync if the save you are syncing is binary. You can keep the save format as Text, but that might introduce a small lag whenever the game creates an autosave (i.e. every 5~10 minutes). If you know how to enable and use the Developer Console in the game, you can keep the save format as Binary and ignore the message in yellow in the app saying that the recommended format is Text. Just, before saving the game to sync, open the console and issue the command “g_save_format 2”. Save the game, open the console again, and issue “g_save_format 0”. Then proceed with the sync process as usual. Unfortunately I haven't been playing ETS2 all that much lately, so I don't know if I'll ever be able to dedicate the time to figure out the changes in the Binary save format that were introduced in ETS2 1.25. If I ever do, though, I'll release a new version that syncs with a Binary save format once again. Clearing Jobs After you are done playing using the synced job list, if you want to get rid of the synced list and have the game generate a new, random job list, you just need to do the same procedure as you do for syncing, but use the “Clear Jobs” button instead of the “Sync Jobs”. When you load the save, the Freight Market will be empty. Just call Assistance (i.e. F7) and the game will generate new jobs for you. Download link: http://sync.dsantosdev.com/ Source code and license: https://github.com/davidsantos-br/ETS2Sync-Helper-4
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