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Found 3 results

  1. So I was playing ETS2MP for over 6 months now and since I started playing I have never seen the servers to be full(Always like 2000 players to 3000 players daily).It kinda feels lonely to ride along the europe and meet player once in 5 minutes or so, sometimes even rarely(not counting the C-D and surroundings. So I was lately wondering how could we bring more players to the multiplayer how could the servers be filled up daily and maybe have even servers with bigger capacity of like 10k people so that you wouldn't be so lonely while driving solo. Sadly I didn't come up with anything good or useful so I am asking here in the forums for other's opinion on this topic, this thing about amount of players. How could we bring more players? And is your point of view same or different as mine?
  2. Hello, me again xD, tell me about your best trips, something that you really loved and that you would definitely do again. The best trip I ever did was to go to Iguazú Falls, a totally natural beauty.
  3. Kerbal Space Program meets Truck Simulator games. I mean... possibilities. And more boosters, of course. Someone make this happen so I can buy it. //random though == OFF //go back to your regular scheduled program
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