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Found 1 result

  1. Do you want to know how to get money fast in Euro Truck Simulator 2 single player and multiplayer? Are you bored of driving that same truck everywhere, everyday and not getting a lot of money? Well you have come to the right place! I will tell you how to get money easily without any mods or cheats and in clear steps you can easily follow. /!\ IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MINIMUM OF 2 DRIVERS AND 2 TRUCKS IN YOUR COMPANY MANAGER THIS METHOD WILL NOT WORK, YOU NEED UP TO 2 DRIVERS AND 2 TRUCKS FOR THIS TO WORK /!\ Step 1: Launch Euro Truck Simulator 2 in single player and go to your company manager then click on your driver manager. Step 2: After that you scroll through your drivers and look who has the longest finishing time on the left hand side below their driver details. Step 3 Now that you have found the driver with the longest time, click on their truck on the bottom left hand corner and it will come up with the truck manager and the truck that you selected. Step 4: Now you have the driver with the longest hours left and the truck details, you want to click on "Drive It". It's on the far right of the row where it says "Relocate" "Sell" and "Upgrade". Step 5: You will get a message that pops up that says relocate truck. That's fine click yes as this is how the money kicks in. The way this happens is that when you go to swap your truck around it will take that amount of hours that you picked from the driver as it's currently on a job. Step 6: When you click yes it will skip the game time forward and have a look at your money in the top right it has increased. Step 7: If you want more money then repeat the process again. Find the driver with the most hours, click on the truck that they are driving, click drive truck, say yes and your money has gone up again! OPTIONAL: If you want it to work in multiplayer all you have to do is save your game in single player and load it up in multiplayer. If these steps was helpful for you make sure you give some feedback. JackLad
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