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Found 4 results

  1. Do you like listening to music while driving?
  2. Title says it all, Me personally i tried driving car first time when i was 13. It was just on empty parking lot don't worry haha
  3. I just made a new profile and now i cant drive because i dont have a truck and there is no kind of that job that gives u a truck!!! what should i dooo?
  4. Hello and thank you for taking the time to read this posting that I have created. My name is william and I am the owner of the company called Texas Transports LLC. As the owner of this company I would like to speak about some of the drivers that are on this game who in no way shape or form care about those who are around them or anything of that nature. Now as I am not allowed to say their names out loud for security reasons and other laws I am allowed to generally speak about what I see and all. Now when I am traveling down the road I have noticed before that some drivers will fly past me with out any kind of signal. Meaning that they do not flash their lights or sound their horn or say something on the CB channel to let me know they are passing. That is why we have mirrors on the game. Now my thing is that if you are coming up on a slower truck please give warning of some sort. also if you are the truck who is going slower then those around you please stay in the right lane as technically speaking the left lane is made for passing. Also when going through turns and sharp bends why is it so damn urgent to pass someone. I have been in a hurry a few times before but when i come up on those sharp turns and all I rather wait a few extra minutes rather then cause another player to wreck his rig. Now yes I have to admit I do like to speed and really kick up speed when I am allowed to do so with such safety that it does not endanger those around me. Please understand that it is a game but these rigs do somewhat handle like a real semi truck. Driving one of these rigs like an idiot will get you either kicked, banned or wrecked and no one wants that. Please drive with common sense or respect to those that are around you or get off the game and go play Grand Theft Auto.
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