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Found 7 results

  1. How to open the back of your Trailer! 1. First of all buy a Curtainsider Trailer. 2. Press the Quick Save Button (You can do that from the settings!) 3.Do ALT+TAB and go to: Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/profiles/(go on your profile where you want to open the back)/save/quicksave 4.Drag the game folder on Sll_Decrypt 5. Open Game folder 6. To find the Codes search for "license" and you will find all codes from your Trailer! 7. Then you need to find this code and do it like this ---> 8.Then you need to find this Code, it shoud be right abow the other one we did. There you need to write this: /def/vehicle/trailer/scs_box/curtain_sider/chassis_open.sii ---> 9. Now what you have to do is press CTRL+S and get back to the game 10.Press ESC, go to load game and select - Quick Save - And there it is the, the back of your trailer sould now be open. Have fun! and be careful dont drop anything
  2. - Hey, Welcome to my Gallery, I hope you like my Pics! -
  3. - Hey, Welcome to my Gallery, I hope you like my Pics! -
  4. Guest

    Demir Logistics Sonbahar Konvoyu

    ☆ Demir Logistics Sonbahar Konvoyu ☆ Hakkında : ➢ Tarih : 20.10.2019 ➢ Toplanma : 20.30 ➢ Kalkış : 21.15 ➢ Toplanış : Paris ➢ Varış : Hannover Maden ➢ Dorse : Her tırda dorse olmak zorunlu. ➢ Skoda : Konvoy yetkilisi dışında skoda almak yasaktır. ➢ Kurallar : Trucklers MP kuralları geçerlidir. ➢ Önünüzdeki ile 2 tır mesefe bırakmak zorunludur. ➢ Yetkililere yol vermek zorunludur. ➢Sunucu : Özel sunucu açılacaktır. İletişim : Demir Logistics Discord : https://discord.gg/83v9mPE Demir Logistics Sunucu : https://ets2c.com/view/82607/kral-panda-paris-hotel Demir Logistics Konvoy Rota : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/425342541085409282/612056798232313876/Demir_Logistics_Konvoy.png
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