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Found 1 result

  1. Hello Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for taking the time to read this posting that I have created about driving on the game Euro Truck Simulator 2. Now as someone who is not from the U.K but from the United States I have to say I really love the game. It is very relaxing at times and even if a person purchases the game for the first time but does not have spare funds to buy extra DLC's trust me you will still have plenty of places to travel on the standard map. There are a lot of vehicles to choose from and various cargoes to haul around with your vehicle. I have all the map DLC's except the Italy one. I have thought about getting it but not sure yet. Driving on this game can be one of two things depending on how you look at it. ( 1 ) if you are on single player you do not have to deal with other players who are on the road with you. You do not have to deal with random stuff other players might cause and plus if you have to step away from the computer you can save your progress right there and then and log off and come back to it later. In single player you can peacefully and calmly travel at the desired speed at which you feel comfortable at. Single player has it's good and bad views depending on who you are. Multiplayer is ok if you like to interact with other people from across the world. On multiplayer you never know what is going to happen from one moment to the next. You can be sitting there traveling down the road just fine and suddenly another player will appear in front of you. Luckily there is such a thing the developers have inserted into the game for players who are entering in to the game. It is called " Ghost Mode " and yes it does come in handy but there are still a lot of players like myself who will be traveling down the road peacefully and calmly just relaxing and suddenly another player will appear and my sudden reaction is to jerk to the other side of the road because I am use to the older times when once a player appeared on the road it was lights out if you made contact with them. However now when a player first spawns they have up to like five or ten seconds before they become a solid object. Multiplayer is fun if you have friends to hang out with and communicate with and possibly convoy with. Now recently there was an update that came out which allowed players to use the Skoda vehicle and also have the option to haul a caravan trailer. Now lot of players have really enjoyed this as well as some players have hated this idea. Now here is something to consider OK. Chances are if you see a player in one of those cars hauling a caravan trailer they are not going to be driving at top speed unlike they might be if they were not hauling anything. Also giving the cars something to haul actually helps keep traffic moving and all and all. Another thing about Euro Truck Simulator 2 I have noticed is that when traveling at top speed and in the left lane there will be players who will refuse to move over into the right lane which would leave the left lane open in which you can pass. Now in my opinion this is classified as blocking. If there are three lanes of traffic traveling in one direction and there is a fast approaching vehicle coming up from behind, please if you are in the left lane and you know they are going to overtake you in a matter of seconds please have the respect to move over into one of the other right lanes. The left lane is made for passing and fast moving vehicles not grandmother driving players. Also if you are planning on moving over please use the proper indicators to show your intended move as the approaching player might come on you too quick and have to make a drastic change suddenly which can result in failure. Now as a player myself I have come up on other players while I am in the left lane and most will move over. But out of respect I will flash my lights and sound my horn for like five seconds straight. The reason is I want them to be able to see me while hearing me. also as I record all my gameplay I have proof incase something goes wrong. Once I pass that vehicle I will alternate my left and right turn signals to signal to that player that I just pass a sign of respect and a silent answer of " thank you " Now here is something to think about. You have one player doing proper speed limit, you have another player approaching from the rear at full throttle ( nothing against the rules ) but both players are in the left lane. Would it not be respectful for the first player who is doing the correct speed limit to move over to his right and allow the fast approaching player to pass by without incident??? Why make a big deal about it, why start ranting and raving on the CB and why risk receiving a punishment. This is just my thoughts about single and multiplayer for the game called Euro Truck Simulator 2. Thank you for reading this and I hope maybe this will point out some various issues need to be fixed.
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