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Found 8 results

  1. Hi Before i carry on this only happens in Truckersmp all other games including ETS 2 singleplayer are ok. I be driving just fine then the F1 to F 8 keys won`t work so cant change map on sat nav for example Plus the ESC key does not work so am unable to go to the game menus / map / look for jobs etc. The number keys don`t work unable to type in chat I am unable to use the horn , indicators unable to drive. I use X box controller and that works ok all i can do is go forward and reverse ... I have to ALT / DEL and close the game and once am logged in again am able to drive for many hours then it would happen again ... Annoying when you driving with friends. Does not happen in any other game Anyway here have any ideas please? Thank you
  2. Hi, The Free Camera is very useful in game for various purpose. I Played on a Laptop and the keyboard did not have any NUM keys. It was a problem for me for a long time until i found the solution. If you have a Keyboard like this Follow the steps Below. (Laptop/Compact Keyboard) Enable Free Camera: Go to Documents Folder & Open Euro Truck Simulator 2 Folder. Open “config.cfg“ file with the text editor. Now look for the entry “uset g_developer” and “uset g_console” and change there the value from “0” to “1“. To increase the speed of the camera change to this value ( “uset_g_flyspeed” 100.0 ” ) Save the file and Free Camera is activated. Change Camera Control: To change the control go to Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\profiles\6DGGV546HGHG543R80 [Your Profile] Open " controls.sii " file with the text editor and Change the values according to your preference. config_lines[86]: "mix dbgfwd `keyboard.num8?0`" config_lines[87]: "mix dbgback `keyboard.num5?0`" config_lines[88]: "mix dbgleft `keyboard.num4?0`" config_lines[89]: "mix dbgright `keyboard.num6?0`" config_lines[90]: "mix dbgup `keyboard.num9?0`" config_lines[91]: "mix dbgdown `keyboard.num3?0`" Save the file and Free camera controls are changed. ---
  3. CarCat

    Control glitch...

    So I just started up ATSMP on 1.6 and when I spawned in on the job selector for Chems Oil the controls acted funny. Shifting was delaying like 15 seconds and when I steered I looked like a NASCAR driver cleaning his tires. I tried messing with controls settings and also keybindings, tried resetting to defaults, tried kayboard and my Xbox 360 Controller, but both are doing it. Never had this issue before.
  4. Hi, I have been able to access the free cam in the game. However, I cannot move because by keyboard is a Corsair K65 (compact keyboard) which does not have a Numpad. I would like to use my arrow keys to use the free cam. Thanks
  5. Hi guys! I can't seem to find the controls of how to chat ingame. Could you help me out? Martijn
  6. To preface this, I'd like to say that I have been playing ETS2 MP mod for a few months now, without the need for any of these features yet. Thus, I don't know anything about them, including their usage. Question 1 and 2: I've recently noticed that people are using a voice chat in the game itself. After seeking help from a user on the ETS2 MP teamspeak server, I was left a bit confused. I was then told that the voice key is binded to "V". Upon testing this, it didn't seem to work or it did-with little to no indication of such. From this, my question(s) is: How do you know that voice chat is working, and is there a way to rebind the key? Question 3: I've noticed lots of people having clan/group/team tags throughout the ETS2 MP servers. There doesn't appear to be a setting in-game, or in the TruckersMP website to set a clan tag. My question is: How do I set my clan tag in ETS2MP? Those are all my questions, thanks in advance.
  7. Game freezes when you enter steam overlay while writing in the in-game chat window. ETS2MP ID: i have absolutely no idea what this is. URL: No such thing Server Time / Date: Not a time-based bug (03/02/2016) How to reproduce: Open Steam overlay while in Chat Window.
  8. sorry cant get pole working
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