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Found 2 results

  1. ===================================================================== ===================================================================== ===================================================================== On August 8, Lutu team held a large-scale joint transportation activity, hoping to apply for event server and obtain approval My team has gathered about 15 teams and about 150 people to participate in my activities. Due to the large number of people, in order to reduce the interference and accidents to my activities, I hope to apply for the event server. ===================================================================== Event information: Route:eruflt-Calais port【812km】 DLC:NO Server capacity:500 Route:【Route】 ===================================================================== Event planning: Starting: 2020.8.8 (UTC10: 00) Ends: 2020.8.8 (UTC14: 30) Server:[LU*TU] Team ===================================================================== Event rules: 1.No cars (Only event staff can use pilot cars) 2.No beacons (Only event staff can use beacons) 3.No mods (This is to reduce crashes and lags) 4.Event staff are allowed to use the other side of the road 5.No overtaking (Only event staff are allowed to overtake) 6.Please listen to instruction from verified Event STAFF. ===================================================================== ===================================================================== =====================================================================
  2. =================================================================== =================================================================== ==================================================================== On August 5, my team plans to hold a second public event We gathered about 20 teams and about 200 people for the event Due to the large number of people, I hope to apply for an active server to reduce the disturbance to events and the probability of accidents ==================================================================== Event information: Route:Mannheim-calais 【775kilometre】 Server capacity: 500 =========================================================================== Activity plan: Start time: August 5, 2020 (10:00 UTC) End time: August 5, 2020 (14:30 UTC) =========================================================================== Event Rules: No overtaking Do not drive in the opposite direction Please follow the instructions of the verified event staff. Free-roaming on the server is strictly prohibited. Event Staff(*) Rules: Staff can create random events Event Staff will be possible for us to park the motorcade on the road Event staff are allowed to block Junctions with their vehicle to stop participants from going incorrect way. Event Staff are permitted to block roads in order to keep the convoy in the right direction. Cars are only to be used by TMP Staff or Event Staff. Event staff and Media Staff can drive incorrectly drive down the road and overtake the convoy (as long as it's safe). All other official TruckersMP rules apply. (*) event staff includes team organizers, media and traffic controllers (*) Event Staff can be identified by the following player tag: Event staff CC , Event supporters, Event members Only event and TruckersMP staff can use beacons =============================================================================== =============================================================================== ===============================================================================
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