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Found 2 results

  1. Suggestion Name: Blinkers Suggestion Description: Could you add red blinkers instead of yellow to the 'Scout' cars on ATS? Any example images: Nope. Why should it be added?: It would be more realistic and uniformly.
  2. First and foremost, I want to apologize if this is in the wrongful section. I had issues deciding weather or not this was a "general discussions" matter or a "help" matter. If this is wrongfully posted where it should not belong, I'll be more than fine with a staff member moving it to a diffrent section. Never the less. A couple days ago, my friend sent me a snapchat video from ingame where he was operating a MAN. On his truck, he had put flashing/blinking lights on his door by his doorhandle. And he also had a new beacon. I asked him if this was something he had bought in terms of DLC or not, but he denided and told me this was a new update on both SP and MP. After purchasing the truck, I could simply not seem to find anything simmilar in the repair shop. So I decided to reach out to the community. I've been inactive for some months and I'm just getting back at truckin'. I just can't seem to find any updates about it (At truckersmp and SCS's website). I found the lights to be pretty awesome and I'd love to add them to my rig. Edit: It was something simmilar to this by his grill: https://youtu.be/ZvvTLW-8hyo?t=1m2s Any help in this matter is highly appreciated. Best regards, Protax
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