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Found 3 results

  1. Hey All, Here's another chance to win more prizes. This time, you'll be entering into a draw for a copy of the upcoming DLC 'Beyond the Baltic Sea' for Euro Truck Simulator 2. Competition Entry Requirements: - A forum account for TruckersMP - A reply to this thread stating any or all of the following (any marked with an asterisk are required): - Your Steam Profile URL (e.g. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166868892) * - How did you find out about TruckersMP? - What is your favourite aspect of TruckersMP? - What features would you love to see implemented in the future? Competition Details - You are only allowed to enter the giveaway once. - The giveaway will automatically end on 29/11/2018 (29th November 2018). - Please refrain from using embedded content like images and videos (if necessary to your reply, please use a spoiler) What happens if I win? Should you win the giveaway once it is drawn randomly using http://www.randomresult.com/ you will be added on Steam. The DLC will then be sent as a gift soon after it is released. Find out more about 'Beyond the Baltic Sea': https://store.steampowered.com/app/925580/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2__Beyond_the_Baltic_Sea/ Thanks for being apart of TruckersMP, Rev.
  2. Are you looking forward to the Beyond the Baltic Sea dlc, what do you expect?
  3. Renikowski

    Beyond The Baltic Sea DLC - When?

    Hi! So, as the Topic say, could we expect release date of new DLC in December like it was with Italia? Or can we expect it earlier?